Hello Survivors,

As you may have noticed, the “Toast to Power” Missions: Reach 2.1m Milestone Twice” and “Reach 3.0m Milestone once” experienced two issues

  • 1) The “A Toast to Power” Mission Event began midway through the level up tournament that it was intended to track. This resulted in progress earned before 12:00pm PST today, 11/6/2020, to not count towards “A Toast to Power” mission progress. 
  • 2) The “Reach 2.1m Milestone twice” and “Reach 3.0m Milestone once” missions were not functioning as intended.
    • To correct the issue with the 2.1m Milestone, the Milestone has now been adjusted to 2.5m.

Due to the issues above, we will be providing the following:

  • All players will receive the following for any potential inconvenience:
    • 5x Brady Trainers
    • 1x War Energy Refill
  • Any player who earned 2.5m level up tournament points before 12:00PM PST will receive the following:
    • 40 Wine Bottles
  • Any player who earned 3.0m level up tournament points on 11/5/2020 before 5:00 PM, when the fix was applied, will receive the following:
    • 60 Wine Bottles
      • Note: This includes the 40 Wine Bottles for the 3.0m Milestone Mission AND the completion reward of 20 Wine Bottles

Note: It is possible to receive both the 40 Wine Bottle and 60 Wine Bottle compensation

Thank you for your patience and we hope you continue to enjoy the “A Toast to Power” Event!



Updated 11/6/2020 at 7:13pm PST for clarity