Hello Survivors,

We’re happy to announce that today, the Player Level Cap Increase and Town Expansion are now live in-game! Additionally, tomorrow the Depot and Wheels will be updated, as detailed in the 26.5 Update post! Alongside the Depot and Wheel updates, we will be launching the “Winter Purge” solo mission event to provide you with even more value for the tokens you’ve been saving for the refresh! Check out the details below:

Event Dates

Start Date: 12/1/20 at 10:00AM PST

End Date:  12/15/20 at 10:00AM PST


MissionsRewardsReward Amount
Mission 1Use 30,000 5-Star Recruit TokensEpic Gear Choice Box A1
Mission 2Use 70,000 5-Star Recruit TokensBrady Trainer2
Mission 3Use 120,000 5-Star Recruit TokensEpic Gear Choice Box B1
Mission 4Use 200,000 5-Star Recruit TokensArmory Tokens3,000
Mission 5Use 10,000 Elite Item TokensWorld Energy Refill1
Mission 6Use 30,000 Elite Item TokensBurt Trainer2
Mission 7Use 50,000 Elite Item TokensArmory Tokens3,000
Mission 8Use 70,000 Elite Item TokensLegendary Gear Choice Box A1
Mission 9Use 1,000 Prestige TokensRaid Energy Refill1
Mission 10Use 2,000 Prestige TokensBrady Trainer2
Mission 11Use 3,000 Prestige TokensArmory Tokens3,000
Mission 12Use 4,000 Prestige TokensLegendary Gear Choice Box B1
Mission 13Use 20,000 Supply MarkersWorld Energy Refill1
Mission 14Use 50,000 Supply MarkersLegendary Gear Choice Box A1
Mission 15Use 90,000 Supply MarkersArmory Tokens3,000
Mission 16Use 150,000 Supply MarkersBenedict Trainer1
Mission 17Use 125,000 Survival MarkersSurvival Road Energy Refill1
Mission 18Use 275,000 Survival MarkersEpic Gear Choice Box B1
Mission 19Use 550,000 Survival MarkersArmory Tokens3,000
Mission 20Use 700,000 Survival MarkersBasil Trainer3

Epic Gear Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Weapon Tripod
    • 1x Sports Gauntlet
    • 1x Practice Dummy
    • 1x Knife Sheath

Epic Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Hand Crank Radio
    • 1x Military Watch

Legendary Choice Box A

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Whetstone
    • 1x Double Holster
    • 1x Hockey Mask
    • 1x Magazine Bandolier

Legendary Choice Box B

  • Choice of:
    • 1x Canteen
    • 1x GPS

Note: Please be aware that pulls done prior to the Mission Events release will not be retroactively applied to your mission progress. The Depot and Wheel refreshes may become available prior to the launch of the Solo Mission Event, depending on data download timing. We recommend holding on to your tokens until you have verified that the Mission Event is visible on your device to not experience any issues with obtaining the rewards.
We hope you enjoy the 26.5 Update and Winter Purge!