Hello Survivors,

Starting today, new S-Class recruits will appear in an all-new, limited-time ☃️ 🎁Holiday Recruits ☃️ 🎁 wheel! The Holiday Recruits wheel will refresh weekly throughout the month of December, replacing the normal S-Class Recruits wheel. This wheel will bring you the best chances we’ve ever offered at brand new S-Class recruits along with bringing back some previously released S-Class favorites.

Our first Holiday Recruits wheel will be featuring the all-new S-Class fighter, Argus! We’ve also added in S-Class Marge, Mr. Liu, Imani, Shane, Marcus, Jobe, Davie, and Clementine as acquirable fighters in the same wheel! That is eight additional S-Class Fighters that you can pull straight out of the wheel, no cards required!

Think that was❄️cool❄️? Well, there’s more! All S-Class fighters that appear in the Holiday Recruits wheel will also have their S-Class Cards, 5-Star Ascendables, and 6-Star versions added to the wheel. We are also raising the appearance rates of the featured recruits’ cards. This means you’ll be obtaining more S-Class Cards for the featured recruit than you would have on normal S-Class Recruits Wheels, while simultaneously getting cards for the other S-Class Fighters in the wheel!

Lastly, to make sure we’ve completely brought the Holiday Recruits wheel into the proper spirit, we have removed all 4-star fighters! You can find the full breakdown of the appearance rates below:

Appearance Rates

CategoryAppearance RatesDescription
S-Class Recruits1%Featured S-Class Recruit + Returning S-Class Recruits
Legendary Recruits1%Featured S-Class 6-Star Recruit + Returning S-Class 6-Stars
Ascendable Epic Recruits1%Featured S-Class 5-Star Recruit + Returning S-Class 5-Star Recruits
Featured S-Class Cards35%Featured S-Class Recruit Cards
S-Class Cards22%Returning S-Class Recruit Cards
Epic Recruits40%5-Star Fighters

The appearance rates have now been split  so that S-Class Recruit fighters are now displayed in a separate line from their 6-Star fighters counterparts.

Content Creators Corner

Invisinerd – 100 Pulls on the NEW Holiday Recruits Wheel! and 40 More Pulls!


Lockdown – 120 Pulls for S-Class Argus! Holiday Recruits 5x Chances

GBzed – 5X Chances Raining S-Class!

The Holiday Recruits wheel will be available at 5:00PM PST later today (Thurs, Dec 3), so make sure you pay a visit to Recruits & Rewards while it’s here. If you are a Survivors Club, your daily pulls will be usable on the Holiday Recruits wheel as well. This is 5x the chances at an S-Class so don’t miss out!

Happy Holidays!

-TWD: RTS Team