‘Tis the season… But not the one you’re thinking about.

The time has come to finally reveal what you can expect to see when Leagues Season 14 launches this Monday!

The main format will not be seeing many changes this time around. However, we have a brand new Alliance Mission Event, and we have new rewards in store for you, including an exclusive S-Class Pamela Milton, 5-Star Weapons, and a new Paragon Mod!

Season structure:

The format and structure will be similar to that of season 13:

  • During qualifiers at the start of the season:
    • All players in Diamond League as of the Season 13 Home Stretch will start at Diamond 1.
    • Gold and Platinum League players will have qualifiers during the first week of the season.
    • All others remain in the same League as they were at the end of Season 13.
  • Season duration will be eight weeks:
    • Qualifiers start 12/14 at 12 PM PT.
    • Stretch 1 start time: 12/21 11 AM PT
    • Stretch 2 – Home Stretch start time: 10 AM PDT
    • Homestretch ends 2/8 at 8 AM PT.
  • League Campaign “Reach Diamond League” will be available to all Diamond League players and can be completed by claiming a Tournament Seal from the League Store’s Diamond segment.
  • Reaching Diamond 5 will grant you a Trauma Resist Paragon Mod.

Weekly Alliance Missions

During the season, a new Alliance Mission Event will be available for all players. The mission event will offer you unique challenges and rewards for your Faction, depending on which League your Faction is currently in.

Each week, 4 Main Mission Events will become available, Alliance Missions I through IV. 

Alliance Mission I will be completable by all Factions; however, Alliance Mission II, III, and IV will require a Faction League standing of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond respectively to complete. This is because you will need to collect TWD Gold, Platinum, and Diamond medals from the League store to complete them, which will only appear to those Faction Members in the appropriate Faction League at the start of the week. 

All can complete secondary mission objectives, no matter your Faction League standing.

Completing secondary mission objectives will award you and your Faction-mates with 1,000 League Tokens per secondary mission, which will mainly consist of collecting Faction Trophies and extra challenges. 

Completing Main Missions will award you with Faction Tokens, which you can turn in for rewards, including an exclusive Avatar for 25 Faction tokens!

As Main Mission completion is linked to Faction League Standing, you can expect to earn the following based on your Faction Standing each week:

  • Diamond League: 5 Faction tokens per week.
  • Platinum League: 3 Faction tokens per week.
  • Gold League: 2 Faction tokens per week.
  • Other Leagues: 1 Faction token per week.

If for some reason, you don’t end up spending your tokens during the event, you will still receive 1,000 league tokens for each Faction Token that expires post-event.

Your Faction Tokens will be exchangeable in the League Store for the following rewards:

ItemFaction Token CostStock
500 Priya Cards120
500 Princess Cards120
500 Shiva Cards120
500 Noor Cards210
500 Javier Cards210
1 Varnish33
1 Engine Grease33
1 Blowtorch23
10,000 Armory Tokens33
1,000 League Tokens110

New Season Rewards

S-Class Pamela Milton

Character Breakdown

Trait: FastHealth3,583
Role: SupportDefense3,641
S- ClassAttack5,245
Rush: Befuddling Slashes
Cost: 76 AP
Effect: Deal 900% Damage to up to 2 enemies. Up to 2 enemies get confuse for 2 turns. Up to two other teammates get 50% AP.
Active Skill: Focus, Crit Up, and AP Up
Initial Cooldown: Turn 1
CD: 4
Effect: This Character gets Focus, +40 Crit for 3 turns, and 50% AP
Specialist Skill: Collateral Damage II
When this character performs a critical attack on an enemy, they will deal splash damage (a 100% damage attack) to up to three adjacent enemies. The adjacent enemies do not gain AP from the damage.

Season Store Rewards

Along with S-Class Pamela, you will be able to obtain S-Class cards for the following fighters and 5-star weapons in the Season Store during season 14:

  • S-Class Shane
  • S-Class AJ
  • Pamela Milton’s Kitchen Knife:
  • Javier’s Baseball Bat

Climbing to the top and reaching Diamond 5 will also net you the Paragon Mod of the Season:

  • A Trauma Resist Paragon Mod, which offers a 90% Trauma Resist.

Note: Paragon mods are granted at max level and do not require further leveling.