Hello Survivors,

It’s raining Benedicts! We know everyone is hard at work, getting ready for Conquest with the Road to Mythic event which we know requires a good amount of XP! With this in mind, we designed this event to help speed up your progress! It’s time for BENEDICT BONANZA!

Event Dates

Start Date: 2/12/2021 @ 12:00PM PST

End Date: 2/19/2021 @ 12:00PM PST!


Visit the shop each day, for 7 days, to redeem a Benedict Mystery bag, for free! Each mystery bag is guaranteed to net you at least 10 Benedicts. Check out the full contents below:

ItemQuantityAppearance Rates
Benedict Trainer405%
Benedict Trainer2015%
Benedict Trainer1080%

Friendly reminder: You’re going to want to hit Tier 2, Level 110 on as many of your S-Class Fighters as you can, so use your Benedicts wisely! Doing so will directly earn you Mythic Tokens! Check out the Conquest Update and Road to Mythic Event blog posts for more details.