Hello Survivors,

Nothing says the end of the world like raiding other’s camps for supplies. In the dog-eat-dog world of Road to Survival, it’s either you or them. In this all-new limited-time event, it’s time to do just that! Let’s get raiding.

Event Dates

Start: 4/5/2021 at 4:00 PM PDT

End: 4/14/2021 at 4:00 PM PDT

Gray Market End: 4/15/2021/ at 4:00 PM PDT


During the course of the Hilltop Raiders event, you’ll be rewarded for successful Raid battles with Topaz Stones. During both Faction and Solo Raid Tournaments Topaz Stone drop quantities will be doubled, so make sure you use your resources wisely! These rare stones can be used in the Gray Market for Gold and Silver Mythic Fighters, Trainers and more!

Raid Schedule

DateDayTournament Status
4/5MondayFaction Raid Start 4:00PM PDT
4/6TuesdayFaction Raid Tournament
4/7WednesdayFaction Raid Tournament End 4:00 PM PDT
4/8ThursdayNo Raid Tournament
4/9FridayNo Raid Tournament
4/10SaturdayNo Raid Tournament
4/11SundayNo Raid Tournament
4/12MondaySolo Raid Tournament Start 4:00 PM PDT
4/13TuesdaySolo Raid Tournament
4/14WednesdaySolo Raid Tournament End 4:00 PM PDT

Free Gift

All players will find a free Raid Energy Gift in the Hilltop Raiders Gray Market shop at the start of the event! Make sure you claim this before you get started.

Survivors Club Bonus

Survivors Club members will also find a free Topaz Stone gift in the Hilltop Raiders Gray Market shop each day!

Gray Market Rewards

Item NameQuantityTopaz Stone CostPurchase Limit
Gold Mythic Jesus1100,0002
Gold Mythic Sophia1100,0002
Armory Tokens10,0002,50015
Brady Trainers1300150
Silver Choice Token1750020
Silver Choice Token (Survivors Club Exclusive)125008
Daily Topaz Stone Gift (Survivors Club Exclusive)2000FREE1
Raid Energy Refills5FREE1