The Mythic Battle Pass, Season 1

We’re happy to unveil our latest Battle Pass and the first in the new Conquest Era!

The new Mythic Battle Pass has been significantly revamped to help adapt it to your new needs in the Conquest Era and make the Battle Pass experience even more rewarding.

The main changes to this season are:

  • No Royal Coins: To help streamline the process and avoid confusion between the Battle Pass points and Royal Coins, we’ve removed the need to collect coins and spend them in the store and included the value directly into the Royal Tier rewards.
  • New Rewards: Battle Pass rewards have been revamped to best suit your efforts in our new Conquest Update. You’ll also receive more valuable and useful rewards throughout the entire Battle Pass, instead of getting the best reward only at the end. Expect to find rewards such as:
    • Mythic Madeline
    • Mythic Maddox
    • Gold Mythic Recruit tokens
    • Mythic Recruit Tokens
    • New Gear and Trainers needed for your Mythic Fighters 

The rest of the Battle Pass will work in a similar fashion to what you are already familiar with:

  • Weekly and Season challenges:
    There will be 2 types of Battle Pass challenges; Weekly challenges will last for 1 week while Season challenges are meant to be tackled during the entire duration of the Battle Pass. Weekly challenges will include objectives based on Combat, Tournament participation, and Resource collection or use, while Season Long objectives will consist of Leveling up Fighters and Mods, Crafting Weapons, and Login Challenges.
  • Earn Battle Pass Points:
    You collect Battle Pass Points through weekly and seasonal challenges to progress through Tiers in the Battle Pass Rewards Mission. The tiers will award you special rewards.

How do I unlock Royal Tier rewards?

The Royal Battle Pass Key is an optional purchase to unlock the Royal Tier to get even more rewards, including instant access to 10,000 extra Mythic Recruit Tokens and 10 Bonus Tiers of rewards.

The Key is available in the “Battle Pass” tab of the Featured Store.

Will my Royal Tier progress be tracked if I buy the Key later in the event?

Absolutely. You will make progress towards both Tiers when you collect Battle Pass Points. Royal Tier rewards will be unlocked when you buy the Key (retroactively as well, so you can purchase it at any time).

So don’t worry! You’ll only need to purchase the Key once for the entire event.

How do I collect Battle Pass Points?

In total, you will need 20,430 Battle Pass Points to complete the core Battle Pass. Each week, a new set of Battle Pass Weekly Challenges will be available with 9 Weekly Challenges. You can earn between 115 and 690 Battle Pass Points for completing each challenge. Additionally, we’ve also introduced Season-Long Challenges and that will source additional Battle Pass Points for your benefit and allow you to complete them at your own pace during the season.

New Challenges will be available every Monday at 12:00 PM PDT. There are 3 types of Challenges:

  1. Easy Challenges: 115 Points each
  2. Medium Challenges: 290 Points each
  3. Hard Challenges: 690 Points each

Through regular gameplay, you can earn more than enough points to complete the Pass and unlock its rewards.

A limited number of Points will also be made available for sale in the shop every week during the event for players who want to get ahead or catch up.

How can I track my event progress?

To track your progress in the event, you can find the “Battle Pass: Free and Premium Rewards” mission event in the Missions section of your game. As you collect Battle Pass Points, you will complete tiers in the Mission.

Core Mythic Battle Pass Rewards:

Main MissionRoyal TierQtyMythic Recruit Tokens (Instantly unlocked by Key)Free TierQty
1Ascendance Medal250,000300Ascendance Medal250,000
1Legendary Medal300
2BP Box 21300World Energy Refill1
2Bronze Salvage Token5
3BP Box 313006-Hour Military Pack1
4BP Box 41300Elite Fighter Token1
4Ascendance Medal100,000
5Choice of an Alert Silver Mythic1300World Energy Refill1
5Choice of an Alert Silver Mythic1
612-Hour Military Pack13006-Hour Military Pack1
6Elite Fighter Token1
7Gold Mythic Token10,000300World Energy Refill2
7Choice of Wrinkled Shirts or Work Gloves100
8Choice of:Bulletproof VestTactical GlovesSpotting ScopeLeg Holster1300BP Box 11
8Choice of:Bulletproof VestTactical GlovesSpotting ScopeLeg Holster1
9Maddox1300Elite Fighter Token1
9Legendary Medal200
10Choice of a Tough Silver Mythic1300Bronze Salvage Token5
10Choice of a Tough Silver Mythic1
11Madeline1300Legendary Trainer1
11Elite Fighter Token1
12BP Box 21300World Energy Refill2
12Bronze Salvage Token10
13BP Box 31300BP Box 11
13Gold Mod1
14Ascendance Medal300,000300Select Recruit Token5,000
14Ascendance Medal100,000
15Mythic Recruit Token10,000300BP Box 11
15Choice of Wrinkled Shirts or Work Gloves100
16Choice of:Fire StarterGhillie Suit1350Choice of:Fire StarterGhillie Suit1
16Elite Fighter Token1
1712-Hour Military Pack13506-Hour Military Pack1
17Silver Salvage Token10
18Steel Medal100350Steel Medal50
19Legendary Medal400350Elite Fighter Token1
19Legendary Medal400
20Choice of a Fast Silver Mythic1350Legendary Trainer2
20Choice of a Fast Silver Mythic1
21Choice of:Bulletproof VestTactical GlovesSpotting ScopeLeg Holster1350Platinum Mod1
21Elite Fighter Token1
2212-Hour Military Pack1350World Energy Refill3
23Mythic Recruit Token10,0003506-Hour Military Pack1
23Gold Mod1
24BP Box 43350Select Recruit Token10,000
24Gold Salvage Token10
25Choice of a Strong Silver Mythic1350BP Box 11
25Choice of a Strong Silver Mythic1
26Maddox1350Legendary Trainer2
26Elite Fighter Token1
27BP Box 52350World Energy Refill3
27Platinum Mod1
28Mythic Recruit Token10,00035012-Hour Military Pack1
28Choice of Wrinkled Shirts or Work Gloves250
29Madeline1350Select Recruit Token10,000
29Ascendance Medal300,000
30Gold Mythic Token10,000600Legendary Medal600
30Mythic Recruit Token10,000

Bonus Missions

Main MissionSecondary Missions
3112-Hour Military Pack1Armory Token2,500
32Select Recruit Token5,000Armory Token2,500
32Engine Grease1
3324-Hour Military Pack1Armory Token2,500
34Select Recruit Token5,000Armory Token2,500
3524-Hour Military Pack1Armory Token2,500
35Select Recruit Token5,000
36Select Recruit Token5,000Armory Token2,500
3724-Hour Military Pack1Armory Token2,500
37Engine Grease1
38Select Recruit Token5,000Armory Token2,500
3924-Hour Military Pack1Armory Token2,500
40Select Recruit Token5,000Armory Token2,500
40Select Recruit Token5,000