Hello Survivors,

As many of you know, Conquest is the biggest update that has ever come to TWD: RTS. With an update this size, there are bound to be a few bugs here and there that we will need to work through. We wanted to give everyone a heads up on the status of some of our current known issues:

Resolved Major Issues

  • Issue: S-Class Fighter Museum Collections were not properly tracking fighters above Tier 2 Level 110 unless they exceeded level 110 on their current tier.
    • Resolution: We are currently deploying a fix to all players for this issue. You can expect your fighters to count towards their respective collections as long as they are at or above T2 Level 110 within 24 hours.
  • Issue: S-Class Ivanova was missing from S-Class Museum Collections
    • Resolution: An S-Class Ivanova collection is being added to the museum. You can expect to see this in-game within 24 hours
  • Issue: S-Class Kyle is missing from the S-Class Museum Collections
    • Resolution: An S-Class Kyle collection is being added to the museum. You can expect it to appear some time after Ivanova’s collection appears.
  • Issue: Some special S-class fighters (Gold Bricks, Leagues, War of Champions, etc.) collection redemption limits did not accurately reflect the number of times they could be obtained, and have had their redemption limits adjusted from 1 to 2.
    • Resolution: Various S-class fighters have had their redemption limits adjusted (No S-class fighters have had their limits expanded past 2).

Ongoing Major Issues
We are aware of the following issues and are actively working towards a fix, however we do not yet have a timeline of when they will be fixed to communicate at this time.

  • Issue: Story Missions progress is not accurately reflecting some player’s progress in the world map.
    • Work Around: Open the Missions menu from the Town Screen and tap the “Go” button on your current story mission. Then complete all stages from the stage it brings you to and forward until your progress is appropriately caught up.
      • Note: If you choose to use this work around, it consumes energy. Depending on the amount of energy you choose to use, some or all of the energy may not be replaced via compensation in the future.
    • On this front, we will also be putting up a Mission Event to reward Mythic Collection Keys for all players in the next few hours
  • Issue: Legacy Progress in the Training Grounds appears to be missing
    • Status: This is one of our top priorities, and we are actively working towards getting a fix out as soon as possible. While we do not have an ETA to communicate, we are happy to inform you that none of your progress has been lost and that this is mainly a visual issue. We will be providing further updates on this topic as soon as they are available. 

Minor Issues

  • We are also aware of several minor bugs, however it is possible that we may not have everything logged yet. If you are encountering any bugs with the Conquest update, please open up a ticket to our support team by tapping Menu > Options > Settings > Support and letting our Support team know. 

We appreciate your patience and we hope you continue to enjoy the Conquest Update!