Hello Survivors,

We’re four days into Conquest being live, and despite some bumps along the road, the update is in full swing! We’ve seen incredibly high engagement, with a ton of past players returning to the game. We’ve seen people in the community showing off their new Mythic Rosters and amazing live streams of people conquering Conquest Mode. We’re really excited about where we are now and where the game is heading, and we hope you are too!

In celebration of the update, and in recognition of some of the recent launch challenges, we wanted to send everyone a free Conquest launch gift! You can find the contents of the gift below:

Mythic Recruit Token10,000
Select Recruit Token30,000
Military Supply Pack10
Benedict Trainer20
Basil Trainer20
Food Bag (containing 1,000,000 food)10
Maddox Trainer1
Madeline Trainer1
World Energy Refill20
Gold Salvage Token30
Cracked Skulls10,000
Voodoo Dolls2

You can expect to receive this offer via a free gift, in the shop, within the next 24 hours.

We hope you continue to enjoy the Conquest update! If you have any thoughts or feedback on how the update is going for you personally, find us on our official Discord and join the conversation!