Greetings Survivors,

We are now a few weeks into the Conquest Update, and we’ve seen a ton of player feedback both on what’s going right and what players think can be improved with our biggest update ever. We are constantly monitoring all of our channels for ways we can improve Road to Survival, and are happy to announce a few minor tweaks to Conquest today, with many more on the way in the future!

Improvements rolling into the game over the next few days:

  • Updates to the Premier Mythics Wheel, including a second guaranteed copy of the Featured Recruit and increased Silver drop rates (See this week’s Premier Mythics post for more details)
  • Select Recruit Tokens are being upgraded to Mythic Recruit tokens in Tribute
  • Prestige will now boost the amount of Training Supplies received from Tribute based on your Prestige Level
  • For a 30 day window, a chance at a Silver Mythic will be available in the Daily Missions completion bag!
    • This bag is obtained from completing 9 Daily Missions at Player Level 36+
    • The Silver Mythics will have a 50% chance to drop in total. All Silver Mythics will be present in the bag
  • “Claim Mythic Fighters” side missions now have the proper 10,000 Gold Mythic Token rewards for Mythic Fighters claimed where there used to be just 1 Gold Token. Note – this reward does not occur every Side Mission for this objective.
  • Upgraded Raid Tournament rewards, including Platinum Mods in Ranks!

Improvements we are looking to make in the next few weeks:

  • Improved handling of claiming many Trainers from Training Grounds all at once (avoiding inbox overflow)
  • Performance improvements when interacting with Training Grounds
  • Improved clarity when claiming Mythic Fighters from Bags and Choice Boxes
  • Improvements in Team Grade calculations, including Mythic Abilities increasing Team Grade
  • Improved clarity during the Ascendance flow and more details on where characters are locked to teams
  • Stacking bags and boxes in inventories
  • Hundreds of bug fixes and performance improvements

It’s been incredible seeing so many people dive into Conquest and give passionate feedback about Road to Survival. This list is in no way the end of the improvements we are planning on making, rather it’s just the beginning! Please keep providing constructive feedback, and we will do our best to listen and improve the game we all love. Keep on surviving!