Hello Survivors,

Season 16 is just around the corner! It’s time to work on closing out the last of your S-Class fighters, finish up your Season Exclusive characters and move into the mythic world in this transitory season. Check out the specifics below:

Event Dates

Start: 4/5/21 

End: 5/31/21 

Arena Changes

With the new season, we will also be making some changes to Arenas:

  • Draft Arenas are being temporarily removed from the Arena rotation
  • Champion’s Arena choice have been removed and are being replaced with
    • Blowtorches
      • Rank 1 – x4 Blowtorch
      • Rank 2 – x3 Blowtorch
      • Rank 3 – x2 Blowtorch
      • Rank 4 and below – x1 Blowtorch
    • 3 Veteran Rings
      • Note: The total Veteran Ring quantity has not changed from the past Champion’s Arena choice box.

Season Store Changes

With Season 16 we are preparing for the future of Leagues while also working towards moving away from the S-Class World

  • Recruits Tokens: Silvers and Golds matter quite a bit in the Conquest update and we want to help you make meaningful progress on your rosters. We believe that at this time that providing ways to help you build progress on the rosters that you’ve already recently acquired is incredibly valuable, so we will be including both Mythic and Select Recruits tokens via the shop to help you power up your rosters!
  • Season Exclusive Gear and Fighters: Season exclusive fighters and gear are being retired. We wanted to give everyone the chance to finish out whichever fighters they have that still require this gear, so it will be provided this season at a discount to allow you to complete your exclusive fighters. After Season 16, Letterman Jackets and Baseball Caps will no longer be available.
  • S-Class Cards: One of our goals for this season was to give you a way to top off some of your in-progress S-Class fighters. Future seasons will not award S-Class cards so make sure you grab what you need before they’re gone!
  • All other items: There are some other goodies in there too, check them out below!

New Season Store

ItemSeason Tokens CostPurchase Limit
10,000 Mythic Recruits Tokens8,0008
10,000 Select Recruits Tokens3,00024
50,000 Ascendance Medals60040
60 Legendary Medals60040
Letterman Jacket35060
Baseball Cap15080
Marcus’ Savage Thompson60,0001
Violent Ransacking Club90,0001
S-Class Choice Box (500x Cards)250020


S-Class Choice Box Contents

Choice of:

  • S-Class Maggie Cards
  • S-Class Raven Cards
  • S-Class Pippy Cards
  • S-Class Davie Cards
  • S-Class Jeremiah James Cards
  • S-Class Ben Paul Cards
  • S-Class Garrett Cards
  • S-Class Connor Cards

Mission Events

Past Seasons have had Mission Events which have awarded players for reaching and progressing through the Diamond League and this season will be no different. By reaching Diamond 5, players will be able to acquire an all-new Bleed on Attack Paragon Mod!

  • Bleed on Attack: When attacking, cause bleed damage as a % of this character’s attack stat to the enemy for 1 turn

Future Season Communications

Finally, we’re very excited to share our future designs for Season 17 as soon as it’s ready and we’re currently planning on providing this information to you much earlier than usual. Keep an eye out for communications on Season 17 in the coming weeks!

We hope you enjoy Leagues Season 16!