Hello Survivors,

The Conquest Update has been live for a few weeks now and we’ve been absolutely thrilled with the community’s overall response! Since the release, we’ve seen a renewed interest from many past players and lots of new players coming to experience the Road to Survival for the first time. We would love for even more players to join the game and see what the Conquest Update is really all about! With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce an all-new Community Challenge: Recruit-a-Friend! What’s that you ask? Let’s dive in!

Challenge Dates

Start: 4/14/21 5:00PM PDT
End: 6/16/21 5:00PM PDT


Over the course of the Recruit-a-Friend community challenge, we’re looking to increase returning and new players by 25%. Over the course of the event, you will be rewarded with prizes for bringing your friends into the game to try it out! Both returning players who have been inactive for over 45 days along with any brand new players will count towards your overall progress in this challenge! All they need to do is download the game and start playing! New players will need to reach player level 10 to be counted towards the community’s overall progress.

We will be providing regular updates via the Official RTS Blog and the news section of your in-game inbox each Monday and Friday, letting you know how the community’s progress is going! Any milestone rewards you earn along the way will be delivered each Monday and Friday as well, via a free offer in the shop.

At this point you may be asking yourself “Do we get credit for the players who have already returned to the game? I already brought some people back!” and the answer is YES! All returning and new players who have joined since the launch of Conquest will be counted towards your rewards. At this point we are 23% of the way towards our total goal and you’ve already earned the first two Milestones. You can expect to receive these rewards via a free offer within the next 24 hours.


10% to Goal10,000 Select Recruit Tokens
20% to Goal25 Benedict Trainers
30% to Goal10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
40% to Goal750k Ascendance + 900 Legendary Medals
50% to Goal20,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
60% to Goal1 Choice Silvers
70% to Goal10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens 
80% to Goal3 Choice Silvers
90% to Goal10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
Grand Prize(100% to Goal!)10,000 Gold Mythic Recruit Tokens

Keep an eye out on the official blog for updates on your progress. Happy recruiting!