Now that you’ve had time to properly settle into our Conquest Update, we’ve been closely following all your feedback and suggestions and are ready to release our latest round of updates!

This Monday, we are releasing our brand new and revamped Recurring Roadmaps.

The aim of the update is to bring all our regular updates into the Mythic era, offering you more direct and useful rewards compared to our previous iterations.

As usual, these roadmaps will be available and refresh regularly as you have come to expect from their previous versions.

We also wanted to take some time to thank all our community members for their support and feedback. You have been great so far and your suggestions really help us improve the game each day.

In addition to the Roadmaps listed below, there will be a bonus Roadmap running every Sunday that will require specific S-class fighters and give extra rewards! Each week will require different S-class fighters and the Roadmaps will rotate through the entire Roster of S-class Fighters. 

Now, make yourself comfortable because there are a LOT of Roadmaps to go through.

Food Roadmap

FoodRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I2,000,000 Food
Stage 11,000,000 Food1Walker3
Stage 21,000,000 Food1Walker3
Stage 31,000,000 Food1Walker3

Materials Roadmap

MaterialsRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I1,000,000 Materials
Stage 1200,000 Materials1Fighters3
Stage 2350,000 Materials1Fighters3
Stage 3450,000 Materials1Fighters3

Medals Roadmap

MedalsRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I200,000 Ascendance Medals
Stage 150,000 Ascendance Medals1Fighters3
Stage 2100,000 Ascendance Medals1Fighters3
Stage 3150,000 Ascendance Medals1Fighters3
Act II200 Legendary Medals
Stage 150 Legendary Medals1Fighters3
Stage 2150 Legendary Medals1Fighters3
Stage 3200 Legendary Medals1Fighters3

Armory Tokens Roadmap

Armory TokensRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I10,000 Armory Tokens
Stage 12,500 Armory Tokens1Fighters3
Stage 25,000 Armory Tokens1Fighters3
Stage 37,500 Armory Tokens1Fighters3

Weapon Parts Roadmap

Weapon PartsRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I1 Varnish
Stage 12 Duct Tape1Walker3
Stage 22 Polishing Kit1Walker3
Stage 32 Machinist File1Walker3
Stage 42 Cutting Fluid1Walker3
Stage 52 Blowtorch1Walker3
Stage 61 Engine Grease1Fighters3

XP Roadmap

XPRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I25,000 XP
Stage 110,000 XP1Walker3
Stage 215,000 XP1Walker3
Stage 320,000 XP1Walker3
Stage 425,000 XP1Walker3

Skill Trainers Roadmap

RewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I2 Ulysses
Stage 11 Ulysses1Walker3
Stage 21 Ulysses1Walker3
Stage 31 Ulysses1Walker3
Act II2 Lilith
Stage 11 Lilith1Walker3
Stage 21 Lilith1Walker3
Stage 31 Lilith1Walker3

Gear Hunt Roadmap

Gear HuntRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I100 Work Gloves 100 Wrinkled Shirt
Stage 150 Work Gloves1Fighters3
Stage 250 Wrinkled Shirt1Fighters3
Stage 350 Work Gloves1Fighters3
Stage 450 Wrinkled Shirt1Fighters3
Act II60 Rainboots 60 Neckerchief
Stage 120 Rainboots1Fighters3
Stage 220 Neckerchief1Fighters3
Stage 320 Rainboots1Fighters3
Stage 420 Neckerchief1Fighters3
Act III30 Running Shoes 30 Sunglasses
Stage 115 Rainboots1Fighters3
Stage 215 Neckerchief1Fighters3
Stage 315 Rainboots1Fighters3
Stage 415 Neckerchief1Fighters3

Trainers Roadmap

TrainersRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I15 Burt
Stage 15 Burt1Walker3
Stage 25 Burt1Walker3
Stage 35 Burt1Walker3
Act II15 Brady
Stage 15 Brady1Walker3
Stage 25 Brady1Walker3
Stage 35 Brady1Walker3
Act III15 Basil
Stage 15 Basil1Walker3
Stage 25 Basil1Walker3
Stage 35 Basil1Walker3

Silver Choice Roadmap

Silver ChoiceRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I2 Choice Silver
Stage 12,500 Select Recruit Tokens1Fighters3
Stage 23,500 Select Recruit Tokens1Fighters3
Stage 34,000 Select Recruit Tokens1Fighters3

Mods Roadmap

ModsRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I1 ModBox
Stage 110,000 Mod Scrap1Fighters3
Stage 215,000 Mod Scrap1Fighters3
Stage 325,000 Mod Scrap1Fighters3

Supply Markers Roadmap

Supply MarkersRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I10,000 Supply Markers
Stage 11,000 Supply Markers1Walker3
Stage 22,000 Supply Markers1Walker3
Stage 33,000 Supply Markers1Walker3
Stage 44,000 Supply Markers1Walker3
Stage 55,000 Supply Markers1Walker3

Gear Markers Roadmap

Gear MarkersRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I4,500 Gear Markers
Stage 1500 Gear Markers1Fighters3
Stage 21,000 Gear Markers1Fighters3
Stage 31,500 Gear Markers1Fighters3
Stage 42,000 Gear Markers1Fighters3
Stage 52,500 Gear Markers1Fighters3

Epic Gear Roadmap

Epic GearRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I2 Wool Beanie 2 Flak Jacket
Stage 16 Weathered Journal1Fighters3
Stage 26 Topographic Map1Fighters3
Stage 36 Gas Mask1Fighters3
Stage 46 Camp Stove1Fighters3
Stage 56 Waist Toolpack1Fighters3
Stage 66 Alpenstock1Fighters3
Act II1 Army Walkie Talkie 1 School Bag
Stage 14 Nightvision Goggle1Fighters3
Stage 24 Police Shield1Fighters3
Stage 34 Belt with Holster1Fighters3
Stage 44 Scope1Fighters3
Stage 54 Briefcase1Fighters3
Stage 64 Long Coat1Fighters3

Bronze Radio Roadmap

Requires 1 Bronze Radio to Unlock

Bronze Radio KeyRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I10 Safety Helmet
Stage 110 Down Vest5Walker8
Stage 210 Bloody Jacket5Fighter8
Stage 310 Waist Pack5Walker8

Silver Radio Roadmap

Requires 1 Silver Radio to Unlock

Silver Radio KeyRewardsWavesEnemy TypeEnergy Cost
Act I10 Hiking Boot
Stage 110 Leather Glove5Fighter12
Stage 210 Compass5Walker12
Stage 310 Ammo Belt5Fighter12