Hello Survivors,

As many of you are aware, yesterday (4/20/21) we encountered a few issues that resulted in a less than ideal gameplay experience. This included various crashes, reloads and 1a erroneously receiving an 8v8 match up and other minor issues.

Due to these issues, we will be sending all players the following within the next 24 hours:

  • 3 World Energy Refills
  • 3 War Energy Refills
  • 2 Survival Road Energy Refills
  • 10,000 Military Supplies
  • 6,000 Training Supplies
  • **UPDATED** 5 Lucille Tokens (Note: These expire at 10:00 PM PDT on 4/22 so make sure you claim them/use them ASAP! Once the token expires it will change into a Purple Token and no longer be usable)
  • 1 Sewing Kit

Additionally, all players on 1A regions will receive an additional 2 War Energy Refills for the matchup error.

Once again, thank you for your patience.