A new Premier Mythics Wheel is coming today, featuring the one and only Dr. Stevens with his signature brand of combat healing.

The wheel will include chances to obtain other Gold and Silver Mythic Fighters along with up to 2 guaranteed Dr. Stevens as bonus open rewards!

Available Dates

Start: 4/22/21 5:00 PM PT

End: 5/6/21 5:00 PM PT

Available Fighters:

  • Featured: Gold Mythic Dr. Stevens
  • Gold Mythic Gator
  • Gold Mythic Rosita
  • Gold Mythic Tyreese
  • Gold Mythic Gregory
  • Gold Mythic Wayland
  • Gold Mythic Mercer

Bonus Open Rewards

Receive guaranteed Gold Mythic Dr. Stevens after meeting the following requirements:

  • 170 Opens: 1x Gold Mythic Dr. Stevens
  • 340 Opens: 1x Gold Mythic Dr. Stevens