The path to the Golden Gateway has opened and only the Strongest can prevail!

Prove your fighters have what it takes to gain access to this legendary tournament and claim the prized Golden Quills awarded to the victor!

Event Dates: 

Start: 4/30/2021 1:00 PM PT

End: 5/7/2021 1:00 PM PT

Event Overview:

This event will prove the strength of some of your Strong Mythic Fighters in more ways than one!

3 new Roadmaps will become available. Each roadmap will require a Specific Mythic Fighter to access it. There will be a roadmap for each of the following fighters:

  • Gold Mythic Sophia
  • Gold Mythic Aaron
  • Gold Mythic Connor

To further increase the challenge, each act will require your team of fighters to have reached a specific grade:

  • Act 1 will require Grade 3 Fighters
  • Act 2 will require Grade 4 Fighters
  • Act 3 will require Grade 5 Fighters

Completing each stage and act will award you with a large amount of Armory Tokens and Items, but the grand prize comes for completing the 3rd Act which awards 1 Gold Quill.

There will be a total of 3 Gold Quills to collect, with each collected quill increasing your final reward! For trading in your total quills you can receive:

  • 1 Gold Quill will net you 2 Silver Choice
  • 2 Gold Quills will award a Gold Mythic Yumiko
  • 3 Gold Quills will reward you with a Gold Mythic Shiva

Make sure you wait to collect as many Gold Quills as you can before claiming your final prize!

Golden Gateway Roadmaps

3 Roadmaps will be made available, one for each fighter. Each Roadmap will offer equal challenges and rewards.

Golden GatesWorld Energy CostReward
Act 1Grade 3 Required1 Engine Grease1 Blowtorch
Stage 131,000 Amory Tokens
Stage 231,500 Amory Tokens
Stage 332,000 Amory Tokens
Stage 432,500 Amory Tokens
Act 2Grade 4 Required1 Varnish1 Blowtorch
Stage 131,500 Amory Tokens
Stage 232,000 Amory Tokens
Stage 332,500 Amory Tokens
Stage 433,000 Amory Tokens
Act 3Grade 5 Required1 Gold Quill
Stage 132,000 Armory Tokens
Stage 231 Blowtorch
Stage 331 Engine Grease
Stage 431 Varnish