We are proud to announce that the community has successfully completed The Recruit-a-Friend Challenge on 5/9/21. Well over a month ahead of schedule.

Well done all!!!

The entire team is truly impressed with your epic recruitment efforts and would have never guessed the final outcome and the speed at which it was completed.

A massive thank you to all who helped out and we hope your new or returning friends are enjoying the experience so far!

Over the next 24 hours, everyone can expect to receive the final reward: 10,000 Gold Mythic Recruit Tokens!

Thanks again to the entire community for spreading your word and love for the game, and see you in Discord!


10% to Goal*10,000 Select Recruit Tokens
20% to Goal*25 Benedict Trainers
30% to Goal*10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
40% to Goal*750k Ascendance + 900 Legendary Medals
50% to Goal*20,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
60% to Goal*1 Choice Silvers
70% to Goal*10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens 
80% to Goal*3 Choice Silvers
90% to Goal*10,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens
Grand Prize(100% to Goal!)*10,000 Gold Mythic Recruit Tokens

*Already achieved and claimed