We’re happy to showcase the new First Edition Lori Grimes before she makes her debut in the Atlanta Mythic Trials.

First Edition Fighters are EXCLUSIVE to the first run of each trial and provide a unique Character Art, Skin, and Avatar which will help them to clearly stand out from the rest.

When using a First Edition fighter as an avatar, they will be clearly identifiable by the “1st” Banner across the top.

Once you’ve obtained your First Edition Fighter, you will be able to ascend them as you would other Gold fighters, and their regular counterparts (non-first edition versions) can be used to reach Grade 5 and Limit Breaks.

First Edition Lori Grimes will only be available as a reward for fully completing the Atlanta Mythic Trials in this inaugural run, so don’t miss out!

Fighter Info

Gameplay Overview

  • Lori brings the damage in a way never seen before! She executes the enemy team over and over with repeated attacks that never quit.
  • First thing to notice is that Lori is the first character who has basically a second rush on her Signature Move. A double attack at 400% damage on turn one makes for an insane rush of damage that excels on both offense AND defense.
  • Not long after her turn-one devastating Signature Move, you can follow up with her double attack 800% rush! Between these two abilities and execution…nothing stands a chance
  • Lastly with her passive abilities you also get tons more attack damage, attack down resistance and the amazing ability to GIVE EVERYONE on the enemy team 20% DEF DOWN whenever you get a kill.
  • Don’t miss out on the super exclusive and dangerous Lori Grimes!

Exclusive First Look

Lockdown, our spotlight specialist, got his first hands-on and is ready to show her off in action!