This week’s Premier Mythics brings the Atlanta crew together along with a brand new Gold Mythic Fighter: Carol.

The wheel will also offer a chance to pull all the other members of the Atlanta Allegiance, which offers the perfect opportunity to prepare for the Atlanta Mythic Trial. In order to complete the Atlanta Mythic Trial, all Atlanta Allegiance Fighter are required, so make sure you pick them up today!

Finally, as customary in our Premier Mythics Wheel, you’ll have up to 2 guaranteed Gold Mythic Carol as bonus open rewards!

Available Dates:

Start: 5/20/21 5:00 PM PT

End: 6/3/21 5:00 PM PT

Available Fighters:

  • Featured: Gold Mythic Carol
  • Gold Mythic Dale
  • Gold Mythic Andrea
  • Gold Mythic Glenn
  • Gold Mythic Rick

Bonus Open Rewards:

Receive guaranteed Gold Mythic Carol after meeting the following requirements:

170 Opens: 1x Gold Mythic Carol 

340 Opens: 1x Gold Mythic Carol