Gold Medal Revamp

Since our latest Conquest Update, we’ve been keeping a close eye on all of your feedback and shared experiences with the game. As we’ve been treading new ground together, we want to make sure we were delivering on the experience we initially intended.

With the arrival of the Mythic Era, we’ve seen a lot of players mention they missed the feeling of progression and choice that the S-Class cards once offered. Today, we’re happy to present the first of several upcoming changes that will allow players to work towards a Fighter of their choice!

Updated Gold Medal Collections

Most of you have already been taking advantage of our Gold Medals in-game, which can be collected daily via a Roadmap and spent on select Gold Mythic Fighters in the museum.

We’ll be greatly expanding on that concept with these updates, and the first step is introducing the Gold Medal Collections tab to the museum. This tab will massively expand upon the current selection of Gold Mythic Fighters being offered, and will update with more fighters over time. Each month, new character(s) will be added into the museum tab, and the medal requirements of other characters within the tab will decrease. Check out what this new museum tab will look like at it’s release:

CharacterCostPurchase Limit
Andrea20000 Gold Medals5
Gator20000 Gold Medals5
Frost20000 Gold Medals5
Alpha20000 Gold Medals5
Yumiko18000 Gold Medals5
Governor18000 Gold Medals5
Glenn18000 Gold Medals5
Jesus18000 Gold Medals5
Negan15000 Gold Medals5
Gabriel15000 Gold Medals5
Beta15000 Gold Medals5
Wayland15000 Gold Medals5
Elodie13000 Gold Medals5
Aaron13000 Gold Medals5
Thomas Richards13000 Gold Medals5
Rick13000 Gold Medals5
Carl13000 Gold Medals5
Gregory13000 Gold Medals5
Dexter13000 Gold Medals5
Harlan13000 Gold Medals5
Hershel13000 Gold Medals5
Darius13000 Gold Medals5

We hope this can become a steady source to get fighters you may have previously missed out on. This tab will also grow to include past Premier Mythics and will help you grow your collection of fighters for future challenges like Mythic Trials reruns. You can expect the Gold Medal tab in the museum to become available starting 05/23/2021 5:00PM PT

Gold Rings

We’re also increasing the amount of Gold Medals you can earn each day with the addition of an Act 2 to the Gold Medals roadmap. This second act will require Gold Rings as energy to participate in the roadmap stages, and you will be able to acquire Gold Rings via Level Up Tournament milestone rewards.

Updated Tournament Rewards

In addition to all the above improvements, we are planning a serious overhaul to our current Tournament Rewards Structure to become more exciting and provide true value for participation.

Our first step will be changing the reward structure of Level Up Tournaments, starting with the one heading your way this very Sunday. The new Level Up Tournament rewards will offer a more direct way of earning Gold Mythic Fighters through awarding Gold Medals as rank rewards and include rare gear like Fire Starters and Ghillie suits in the milestones.

It’s important to us that you have the agency to choose fighters to work towards. As a result you can expect Gold Medals to be available in all level up tournament rank rewards going forward.

Below you can find an example of a new Level Up Tournament reward structure. This example will be used in this Sunday’s upcoming tournament!

RankRewards 1Reward 2Reward 3 
16,000 Gold Medal4 Mythic Gear Choicebox A40,000 Elite Item Token
2-34,000 Gold Medal3 Mythic Gear Choicebox A30,000 Elite Item Token
4-103,500 Gold Medal2 Mythic Gear Choicebox A20,000 Elite Item Token
11-503,000 Gold Medal1 Mythic Gear Choicebox A16,000 Elite Item Token
51-1252,500 Gold Medal1 Mythic Gear Choicebox A8,000 Elite Item Token
126 – 10001,000 Gold Medal1 Legendary Gear Choicebox4,000 Elite Item Token
MilestoneRewards 1Reward 2Reward 3
1,500,00012,000 League Token20 Gold Salvage Token1 Ghillie Suit
1,200,0009,960 League Token15 Gold Salvage Token1 Fire Starter
1,000,0008,540 League Token10 Gold Salvage Token2 Legendary Gear Choicebox A
850,0007,240 League Token15 Silver Salvage Token2 Legendary Gear Choicebox B
700,0005,140 League Token10 Silver Salvage Token2 Epic Gear Choicebox A
550,0004,140 League Token15 Bronze Salvage Token6 Epic Gear Choicebox B
400,0003,180 League Token10 Bronze Salvage Token6 Epic Gear Choicebox B
250,0002,230 League Token5 Bronze Salvage Token30 Gold Ring
150,0001,490 League Token3 Bronze Salvage Token20 Gold Ring
75,0001040 League Token2 Bronze Salvage Token10 Gold Ring

Mythic Gear Choice Box A (Choice of:)

  • 1x Firestarter
  • 1x Ghillie Suit

Legendary Gear Choice Box A (Choice of:)

  • GPS
  • Canteen

Legendary Gear Choice Box B (Choice of:)

  • 1x Double Holster
  • 1x Hockey Mask
  • 1x Magazine Bandolier
  • 1x Whetstone

Epic Gear Choice Box A (Choice of:)

  • Hand Crank Radio
  • Military Watch

Epic Gear Choice Box B (Choice of:)

  • 1x Knife Sheath
  • 1x Practice Dummy
  • 1x Sports Gauntlets
  • 1x Weapon Tripod

Keep an eye out for additional tournament reward changes in-game next week!