Hello Survivors,

Rosita is injured and needs your help. In this all-new Limited Time event, you’ll need to gather the proper medical supplies to get Rosita back on her feet and earn some valuable loot along the way.

Event Dates

Start Date: 5/25/2021 at 10:00AM PDT
End Date: 6/4/2021 at 10:00AM PDT


To help rescue Rosita, you’ll need to first collect Bandage Wraps by completing the Rosita’s Rescue solo mission events, which require you to level up an Alert, Fast, Strong and Tough mythic fighter. Additional Bandage Wraps can be acquired via the shop.Once you’ve acquired enough Bandage Wraps you can use them as energy for the Tourniquets Roadmap. Complete all stages of this roadmap to get enough Tourniquets for your first copy of Gold Mythic Rosita, found in the Gray Market shop.

After you’ve finished the Tourniquets Roadmap, you’ll unlock the Bonus: Rescue Roadmap, where you can unlock even more Tourniquets! The Bonus: Rescue Roadmap acts will also require the following:

  • Act 1: Grade 4-5 Rosita
  • Act 2: Grade 4-5 Carl
  • Act 3: Grade 4-5 Dexter
  • Act 4: Grade 4-5 Gabriel

Survivors Club

SC members will find a free, one time, 20 Bandage Wraps offer in the shop! Don’t forget to pick this up if you’re subscribed!

Gray Market Shop

ItemCostCost AmountLimitAmount
Mythic Gold RositaTourniquet100021
Gold Mythic Recruit TokenTourniquet300103000
Gold Salvage TokensTourniquet401020
Silver Salvage TokensTourniquet301020
Bronze Salvage TokensTourniquet202020
World Energy RefillTourniquet20201
Supply MarkersTourniquet25251500
1 Million Food BagTourniquet15301