Our new Leagues Season starts next week! 

The overall format will see no changes in this new season, and it brings a whole new selection of rewards to aim for and a new Paragon Mod as a final reward!

HP Boost Paragon Mod

As in past seasons, reaching Diamond 5 will award you this season’s Paragon Mod. By completing the mission event you will be awarded a Choice Box allowing you to receive a 27% HP mod for the set of your choice!

New Leagues Season 17 Store

The new store includes a new set of Weapons along with a wide array of Silver Choice Tokens, Gold Mythic Tokens, Mythic Recruit Tokens, and Select Recruit Tokens.

RewardSeason Token CostStock
Zhu’s Cold Steel Machete90,0001
Aggressive Chainsaw Shotgun60,0001
Silver Choice Token10,0004
2,500 Gold Mythic Tokens8,0004
5,000 Mythic Recruit Tokens4,00012
5,000 Select Recruit Tokens1,50050
10 Bronze Salvage Tokens1,00020