Hello Survivors,

As you know, the new Conquest Loop, Bits Shop and Limit Break 1 update is on the horizon! We’re very excited to bring you this content and to help you prepare, we’re launching an all new Conquest Expansion Log In Event starting today!

Event Dates

Start: 6/4/2021 @ 5:00 PM PDT

End: 6/12/2021 @ 5:00PM PDT


Log in each day over the course of the event and collect a Ride Ticket, available for free in the shop. Each Ride Ticket you collect will unlock rewards in the Conquest Expansion – Log In Event missions. If you collect all 7 tickets, you’ll be able to unlock your choice of a selection of Gold Mythic Fighters to help you get one of your fighters up to grade 6 as soon as possible!


Mission EventReward
Collect 1 Ride Ticket50000 Military Supplies
Collect 2 Ride Tickets20 Brady Trainers 
Collect 3 Ride Tickets1 Firestarter
Collect 4 Ride Tickets1 Choice Silver Token
Collect 5 Ride Tickets20 Basil Trainers
Collect 6 Ride Tickets1 Ghillie Suit
Collect 7 Ride TicketsChoice of 1 Gold Mythic Fighter

Gold Mythic Fighter Options

  • Choice of:
    • 1 Gold Mythic Darius
    • 1 Gold Mythic Aaron
    • 1 Gold Mythic Hershel
    • 1 Gold Mythic Rick
    • 1 Gold Mythic Negan
    • 1 Gold Mythic Harlan
    • 1 Gold Mythic Gabriel
    • 1 Gold Mythic Tyreese
    • 1 Gold Mythic Alice
    • 1 Gold Mythic Glenn
    • 1 Gold Mythic Frost
    • 1 Gold Mythic Yumiko

Note: Update release timing is subject to change and may not coincide with the end of this event.

We hope you are as excited for this update as we are!