Good news! Our latest update, 30.0, will be available later today for our Android players to help test out in our latest Public Beta!

Update 30.0 will bring some long-awaited and highly requested features including multiple new Arena Modes and new Inventory quality of life changes, which yes, include the ability to open multiple choice-boxes amongst other important upgrades.

Let’s delve into all the new inclusions you’ll be able to experience in our live Public Beta:

Arena Updates:

We’ve revamped the Arena to fully bring it into the Mythic Era, while still providing new modes and challenges for all our players. 

  • Draft Arena Updates:
    • The Draft Arena will now be limited to Mythic Fighters.
    • You’ll be able to Draft any Mythic Fighter in-game, including duplicates.
    • Leader Skills and effects will be enabled on drafted Leaders.
    • Fixed Weapon Stats can be swapped.
  • New Mode: Legendary Arena:
    • This new Arena will give you a chance to put your Legacy Teams to use, as it will be limited to 6-star and S-Class fighters.
  • New Mode: Trait Specific Arenas:
    • This all-new Arena adds a new layer of challenge by restricting your team to specific Traits.
  • New Feature: Retire Option
    • You will now have the option to end an Arena run Early. This will allow you to end a run early for a quicker retry if you feel things are not going as planned.
  • Other improvements:
    • “Classic Arena” was renamed “Standard Arena”.
    • A new Balancing Feature has been developed, allowing the team to adjust overall character and skill levels to a certain range for certain Arenas, which will ensure teams match within reasonable power levels. You’ll see a “Scales” icon if it’s currently applied to an Arena.

Inventory Upgrades:

The team is very excited to finally release these upgrades as they have been a constant request from our community!

  • Open Multiple Choice-boxes or Mystery Bags:
    • A new slider will now allow you to choose how many Choice-Boxes or Mystery Bags you wish to open in one go. No more multiple clicks are required!
  • Updated “Where to Find” pop-up:
    • When searching for gear or resources, the pop-up will now show how many Choice boxes or Mystery Bags you have in your inventory for that search.
    • You will now be able to open multiple copies of the Choice-box or Mystery Bag of your choice directly from the pop-up window.

Salvage and Survival Road Token Update:

  • You will now have the option to spend multiple Salvage Tokens or Survival Road Tokens when deciding to Auto Battle. The option will also include how much energy will be required for each choice. We hope this saves you some time while farming!

All these new features and Arena modes will be available to test in the Public Beta test region over the next few days, so if you’re on Android here’s a quick guide on how to join the Beta Program.

Our Beta Feedback channel will also reopen during these 2 days, so feel free to let us know how you’re getting on!

Please do note that the nature of a Public Beta, for features that are currently in development, may contain bugs that impact your ability to engage with the live game.

We hope to be bringing the new 30.0 Update live at some point next week, so stay tuned for more news!

Bug Fixes

The new Update will also include a series of bug fixes which includes (but isn’t limited to) the following:


  • Crash Fixes
    • The game should no longer crash when using fighters in conquest teams as part of the ascension process.
    • Crashes should no longer occur when ascending or removing fighters in any way, that were assigned to a campaign team and navigating back to the conquest screen.
    • Reload no longer occurs when reallocating Training Supplies from a max leveled Lieutenant on the Lieutenants UI. 
  • Game Freeze
    • The game no longer gets stuck on the Loading Information Screen when trying to ascend a non-Mythic Fighter from the Conquest Defeat Screen.
  • Noted
    • Fixed: Mission Event “Element – Defeat – Specific Trait” is not adding progress when defeating a Faction Boss Support
    • Fixed: The player cannot select and claim the reward on the side mission “Level Up Player to Level 20”. 
    • Fixed: Some Lieutenant icons disappear when the user scrolls on the overpopulated Lieutenants UI.
    • The space between the Mythic Fighter icons no longer expands when multi-tapping the Role on the Lieutenants screen. 
    • Fixed: Mythic fighter on the ascension’s result animation showing a mythic tier 1 fighter even when ascending a mythic tier 2 fighter or higher.
    • The top part of the war’s Faction Leagues Leaderboard no longer appears and functions as a Solo Leagues Leaderboard during a war event. 
    • The Renown points gained from leveling up the Mythic fighter no longer reappeared after upgrading the Mythic fighter. 
    • Fixed: Survivor Club membership page displaying +500 Character cap instead of +2000.
    • Fixed: Mods Management screen getting into a state where it gives different stats results when there are no mod edits.
    • Territory Defense team fighters now have Territory Defense team tag on the Roster.


  • On A Roll’s stacking now resets after dispelling it on combat. 
  • Payback specialists now perform on specialty effects after incoming damage is applied. 
  • Burn effect from Mythic Tye’s Leader Skill now properly includes the Attack buff from his Weapon (on any Weapon Slots).
  • Mythic Governor’s adrenaline rush damage now applying as maim damage when going into outlast.
  • Mythic Tye’s Leader skill works correctly burning 2 enemies at the beginning of each wave during combat.