We’re continuing our Skybound’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations, this time by shining a spotlight on our most talented community members: the Content Creators!

Some of them will also be giving away copies of Negan 2000 on their own channels over the coming month, so make sure you subscribe to their channels to not miss out on your chance to win!

Spearheading the celebrations, we have the one and only Lockdown! This man probably needs little introduction, as he has become the master of first-time reveals, but either way…
Say Hello Lockdown:

Hello survivors! I am Lockdown and have been creating TWD RTS video content on Youtube for the past 4 years as well as live streaming each week. I am lucky enough to be a full-time content creator and really enjoy what I do and getting to know people in the community.

If you check my video below, I’ll also be giving away a Negan2000! – Best of luck to everyone who enters the Negan 2000 Giveaways!

There you have it! Head over to his YouTube channel to leave him a like and subscribe to not miss out on his giveaway!