Hello Survivors,

So many things have changed from what we knew the world to be. Aliens have caused the dead to rise in an effort to steal the Earth’s resources. Not only that, but they have recruited the worst of us to their cause. Gov 2000 has maliciously forced Lori into the subjugation of these Alien overlords. It’s up to you to save Lori and take out Gov 2000 and the Aliens before it’s too late for humanity.

Event Timing

Start: 8/9/2021 at 11:00 AM PDT

End: 8/23/2021 at 11:00 AM PDT


The Battle for Lori has begun! It’s time to free her from the control of Gov 2000, but before that happens you’ll need to enter the Arena and prove your mettle. During the Battle for Lori Event, Arenas has received a huge overhaul to up the ante:

  • All Arenas have been changed to Domination Mode for the entirety of the event
  • Old School Arena will temporarily return to the Arena schedule
  • Draft Mode temporary changes:
    • Mythic Fighter have been boosted to Grade 5+
    • Mythic Fighter Lieutenant Levels were boosted to Level 495+
    • Lori 2000 and Gov 2000 have been added to the draft pools
  • Alien Walker Heads have been added to Arena battle drops for the entirety of the event
    • Note: This does not include Champions Arena
  • Champions Arena Rewards temporary changes:
    • Drop Rewards Added:
      • Rubies
    • Rank Rewards Changed
      • Alien Walker Heads Added (Highest quantity available via Gameplay!)
      • Engine Grease Removed

Arena Schedule 

Week 8/9 – 8/16:

Combat ThemeLegendaryFastClassicDraftTank SquadClassic(Champions Arena)
Score ModeDominationDominationDominationDominationDominationDomination

Week 8/16 – 8/23

Combat ThemeOld SchoolToughClassicDraftSupport SquadClassic(Champions Arena)
Score ModeDominationDominationDominationDominationDominationDomination

Story Roadmap

In addition to the Arena adjustments, a new Story Roadmap will become available at the launch of the event furthering the story of our hero, Rick 2000! This roadmap will award Gold Mythic Tokens, Mythic Gear, Military Supplies and more!

Alien Walker Heads and Rubies 

During the course of this event your primary objective is to collect Alien Walker Heads, which can be exchanged for awesome rewards in the Gray Market, including Gold Mythic Lori 2000! A second collectible, rubies, can be earned exclusively in Champion’s Arena via battle drops, which can also be exchanged in the Gray Market

Alien Walker Head Sources

  • Champions Arena Rewards 
  • Arena battle drop rewards
  • Battle for Lori Mission Events
    • Log in missions
    • Arena win missions
  • Offers in the shop

Free Gifts

All players will receive 6 free Arena Tickets at the start of the event, via a free offer in the Lori 2000 Offer Tab! So make sure you keep an eye out for these. Additionally, Survivor’s Club members will receive an additional free offer each day of the event containing 350 Alien Walker Heads and 1 Arena Ticket. 

Gray Market Shop

Standard Shop

Alien Walker Head Exchange
ItemGold Mythic Lori 2000Basil TrainerMythic Gear Choice Box (Firestarter or Ghillie Suit)Elite Item Token
Purchase Quantity1101300
Purchase Limit312660
Alien Walker Head Cost18,000600900200

Survivors Club Shop

Survivor’s Club Arena Exchange
ItemGold Mythic TokenChoice Silver Mythic
Purchase Quantity5001
Purchase Limit125
Alien Walker head Cost250150

Champion’s Shop

Champions Arena Exchange
ItemSteel MedalsBenedictMythic Recruit Tokens
Purchase Quantity2041000
Purchase Limit252550
Ruby Cost111

Mission Event Breakdown

Mission Set 1
MissionsReward 1Reward 2
Win 5 Arena Battles275 Alien Walker Heads
Win 10 Arena Battles275 Alien Walker Heads2 Arena Tickets
Win 15 Arena Battles275 Alien Walker Heads
Win 20 Arena Battles275 Alien Walker Heads
Win 30 Arena Battles550 Alien Walker Heads3 Arena Tickets
Win 40 Arena Battles550 Alien Walker Heads
Win 50 Arena Battles550 Alien Walker Heads
Win 60 Arena Battles550 Alien Walker Heads3 Arena Tickets
Win 80 Arena Battles750 Alien Walker Heads
Win 100 Arena Battles750 Alien Walker Heads
Mission Set 1
Completion Reward 
600 Alien Walker heads
Mission Set 2
MissionsReward 1Reward 2
Login 1 Day975 Alien Walker Heads
Login 2 Days975 Alien Walker Heads
Login 3 Days975 Alien Walker Heads1 Engine Grease
Login 4 Days975 Alien Walker Heads
Login 5 Days975 Alien Walker Heads
Login 6 Days975 Alien Walker Heads2 Engine Grease
Login 7 Days975 Alien Walker Heads
Login 8 Days975 Alien Walker Heads
Login 9 Days975 Alien Walker Heads
Login 10 Days975 Alien Walker Heads3 Engine Grease
Login 11 Days975 Alien Walker Heads
Login 12 Days975 Alien Walker Heads
Mission Set 2
Completion Reward
900 Alien Walker Heads

Champions Arena Rank Rewards

RankAlien Walker HeadsAlien Walker HeadsAlien Walker Heads