Hello Survivors,

In the interest of transparency, we wanted to pull the curtain back on our plans for Limit Break 3!  Limit Break 3 will be coming in October, before Halloween! Along with Limit Break 3, we’re also happy to announce a new end-game feature releasing alongside Limit Break 3: The Inner Circle. You can learn about both Limit Break 3 by checking out the video below, featuring our new Community Manager Invisinerd! For those of you who would prefer text, read on to find out more.


Limit Break 3 is coming next month and we’re very excited! As usual with Limit Breaks, Limit Break 3 will unlock 15 additional fighter levels, along with another set of new Grade 5+++ abilities for all Gold Mythic Fighters. 

Additionally, this Limit Break will unlock the final level of aesthetic progression for your Gold Mythic Fighters. Each one of your existing fighters will gain improvements to their outfits, so get ready to see their best looks yet! 

Finally, Mythic Rick will find his hat!

Once you have unlocked one Grade 5+++ Fighter of each role, The Inner Circle will unlock!

The Inner Circle is an all-new update to the Lieutenant System which will allow you to take your Roster to a whole new level of power!

Example above: A player with 6 fighters in their Inner Circle

Upon reaching Grade 5+++ with a Tank, Damage, Medic, Support and Control fighter, they will become one of your trusted Lieutenants and be added to your inner circle. Once unlocked, you can add additional Gold Mythic Fighters to your Inner Circle by reaching Grade 5+++ with another Gold Mythic Fighter.

Each time a new Gold Mythic Fighter is added to your Inner Circle, an additional 15 Levels will be added to your level cap for that specific Lieutenant’s role. This means that each and every new fighter added to your Inner Circle will add power to all fighters of that role within your roster, even that pesky Gold Mythic Carl! (Hurray he finally has a use!) 

So you’re likely wondering what impacts this will have on the future. First, we’re happy to announce that there will be no limit breaks coming your way in 2022! With the release of the Inner Circle, we believe that this is a more fun and meaningful way for you to continue your progression without the need for additional Limit Breaks.

Next, we wanted to provide transparency around the future of Mythic Trials. Future Trials will require Grade 5+++ fighters to unlock all required copies of Mythic Trial exclusive fighters. Remember that if you are unable to complete a trial its first time around, that trial will return in the future. You will only need Grade 5 of each fighter in the trial to obtain the first edition version of that fighter, but to reach its full potential the rest of the allegiance will need to be at their max grade first.

Lastly, we’re working on a new way for you to be able to make use of fighters that don’t normally make it onto your competitive PVP teams in an upcoming feature: Challenge Run. This will give you even more to do with the characters that you reach Grade 5+++ with! This feature will be going into Public Beta in the next few weeks. You can expect more information about Challenge Run closer to the start of the Beta.

That’s all for now! Keep all this information in-mind over the coming months as you manage your roster!!