Hello Survivors,

We’re happy to announce that Gold Mythic Veronica will be joining Premier Mythic Recruits this week, now with a significant decrease in Bonus Opens required in comparison to past Premier Mythic Wheels! Check out the details below:

Available Dates

Start: 9/2/21 at 5:00 PM PDT

End: 9/16/21 at 5:00 PM PDT

Available Fighters

Featured Recruit: Veronica

Gold Mythic Cliff

Gold Mythic Andrea

Gold Mythic Yumiko

Gold Mythic Tyreese

Gold Mythic Frost

Gold Mythic Alice

Bonus Open Rewards

100 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Veronica

200 Opens: 1 Gold Mythic Veronica

Appearance Rates

CategoryAppearance Rates
Featured Gold Mythic Fighters0.75%
Non-featured Gold Mythic Fighters2.25%
Silver Mythic Fighters12.00%
6 Star Fighters20.00%
5 Star Fighters65.00%