An item in some player’s inventory was granting access to the Crumbling Hope Roadmap which was not intended. We understand that may have resulted in a negative experience for some players. 

In order to combat any potential issues, we are removing the $25 Chemistry Textbook offer and in its place, an offer will appear shortly in the store for a FREE Chemistry Textbook. This will give players the opportunity to run the roadmap for rewards & earn a copy of Gold Mythic Eugene.

For players who already purchased the Chemistry Textbook, an offer will be made to you specifically with the following:

  • Choice Box including your choice of:
    • Gold Mythic Eugene
    • 15,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
    • 15,000 TWD Gold Medals
  • 100 Basil
  • 500,000 Military Supplies
  • Mythic Trainer Choice Box including your choice of:
    • Maddox
    • Madeline
  • 10x Legendary Skill Trainer choice Box including your choice of:
    • Lilith
    • Ulysses
  • 5x 1,000,000 Food Crate
  • 5x 1,000,000 Materials Crate

These offers may take up to 24 hours to appear, thank you for your patience.