Many players have been asking about what to expect for War Season 3 and we cannot wait any longer to give you a small peek into a much larger picture of what we have set so far!

We are excited to announce this next War Season will lead into our first War of Champions since the launch of the Conquest Update! As you may already know, War of Champions is the pinnacle of competition between Factions in Road To Survival! Starting with War Season 3, War of Champions will act as the playoffs and grand finale to crown the War Season champ, for each war season moving forward!

War Season 3 will begin on November 12th, will span roughly 3 months and every Cross Region War during the War Season will contribute towards your faction’s ability to qualify for War of Champions at the end of the season. 

Keep an eye on our official blog and Discord channel for more information on what to expect from Cross Region War, War of Champions & War Seasons going forward! We’re always watching player feedback and working hard to include a host of changes that will make war more exciting and rewarding for everyone!

See you on the battlefield!