We have seen the community asking about the upcoming release of Limit Break 3 & the Inner Circle so we wanted to share an update to the timeline after considering player feedback.

Originally, we wanted to share the news about the upcoming Limit Break 3 so players were ready as soon as Limit Break 2 became available, in order to provide players time to get a hold of the fighters they needed when Limit Break 3 did unlock. The original time span was equal to what had passed between Limit Break 1 and Limit Break 2, but after taking player response into consideration, we’ve decided to delay the roll out of Limit Break 3 and Inner Circle. 

We wanted to let everyone know that we are now planning for Limit Break 3 and Inner Circle to release in late December. We will communicate an exact date as we get closer to launch so keep an eye on our official blog & Discord for more information. We are always monitoring player feedback and wanted to make sure we communicated the updated timeline to players as soon as it was decided upon. 

Thank you for your patience and your feedback!