The March to War is always changing! A new, but dangerous path has emerged through Whisperer Territory!

Whisperer Roadmap Times

Start Time: 11/2/2021 12pm PDT

End Time: 11/9/2021 5pm PST

A new Whisperer Roadmap will refresh every 4 hours. Use your Black Hammers as energy to run the roadmap, which rewards Meat Skewers and a bag with Tiger Claws. A free gift of 75 Black Hammers and an additional 1000 Car Batteries will be available in the Kingdom Tab of the Featured section of the Shop as a one-time gift. Don’t forget you can keep running the Kingdom Roadmap with those Car Batteries and the Danger Zone roadmaps with those Black Hammers too! The higher the stages you run on these roadmaps, the higher the rewarded drops! 

At the same time, this will unlock the 2nd part of the Missions for Kingdom: March To War. This will allow players to battle through walkers and Whisperers to get more Tiger Claws! 

Whisperer Roadmap

Act 1Energy CostRewards
Stage 15x Black Hammer200x Meat Skewers
Stage 210x Black Hammer400x Meat Skewers
Stage 315x Black Hammer600x Meat Skewers
Stage 420x Black Hammer800x Meat Skewers
Stage 525x Black Hammer900x Meat Skewers

Kingdom: March To War Missions – Part 2

Defeat 1300 Walkers20x Tiger Claw
Defeat 6500 Walkers90x Tiger Claw
Defeat Beta 4 times40x Tiger Claw
Defeat Beta 11 times110x Tiger Claw
Defeat Skins 6 times50x Tiger Claw
Defeat Skins 13 times120x Tiger Claw
Defeat Mike 8 times70x Tiger Claw
Defeat Mike 15 times140x Tiger Claw
Complete All Missions250x Tiger Claw