Hello Survivors.

As part of our original plan to phase out 35 low activity/population regions, we were directing players in those regions to 3 newly opened regions. We understand that some players were unclear that these would be the only options available from their phased out regions and this was not intended. To rectify this situation we will be providing all players who have moved to the 3 newly opened regions with a free Transfer Key within 24 hours, (look for this in your inbox) when we will also be resetting transfer cooldowns in these 3 new regions, for players who may have moved already. These 3 new regions will also be opened for outbound transfer until 11/11/2021. 

We will also be giving players in those 35 low activity regions the opportunity to move to the other 195 Legacy regions, but please note that by moving to one of these regions, you will not receive the gifts communicated earlier for moving to a newly opened region. 

Please note, live events will stop running in the 35 low activity regions selected to be phased out, after November 11th, 2021. The 3 new regions will be closed to outbound transfers as of November 11th and will reopen after War Season 3. These regions are listed below.

Phased Out Regions => New Region Destination

Phased Out RegionsNew Region
Baker (EN)Cumberland (EN)
Fulton (EN)Cumberland (EN)
Glascock (ES)Cumberland (EN)
Gordon (ES)Cumberland (EN)
Stewart (ES)Cumberland (EN)
Glynn (ES)Cumberland (EN)
Gwinnett (ES)Cumberland (EN)
Clay (FR)Cumberland (EN)
Clinch (FR)Cumberland (EN)
Newton (RU)Cumberland (EN)
Dale (EN)Cumberland (EN)
Greene (EN)Claiborne (EN)
Sumter (EN)Claiborne (EN)
Peach (FR)Claiborne (EN)
Turner (ES)Claiborne (EN)
Carter (PT)Claiborne (EN)
Grady (ES)Claiborne (EN)
Henry (EN)Claiborne (EN)
Richmond (EN)Claiborne (EN)
Berkeley (EN)Claiborne (EN)
Clarendon (PT)Claiborne (EN)
Covington (EN)Claiborne (EN)
Hale (ES)Claiborne (EN)
Saluda (ES)Roane (EN)
Richland (PT)Roane (EN)
Dillon (EN)Roane (EN)
Augusta (ES)Roane (EN)
Marengo (PT)Roane (EN)
Lauderdale (ES)Roane (EN)
Lowndes (EN)Roane (EN)
Spartanburg (EN)Roane (EN)
Marlboro (EN)Roane (EN)
Franklin (EN)Roane (EN)
Jefferson (EN)Roane (EN)
Orangeburg (ES)Roane (EN)