Hello Survivors. 

In the Bradley Region during the Blitz War scheduled from Saturday, December 18th to Sunday December 19th, there was an error in the Siege Rewards that included a Gold Mythic Choice Token. This was not intended.

Unfortunately, this error had such an impact that we decided, in the interest of all players involved, that the best course of action is to roll back saved player progress in the Bradley Region to before the start of the Blitz War. This roll back will occur shortly.

We will be sending ALL Bradley Players compensation packages to their inbox including the following rewards for the tournaments and events happening during this time:

Battle Pass Points12,000Battle Pass
Battle Pass Tokens300Battle Pass
Jingle Bells150Road to Christmas Event
Winter Tokens20Road to Christmas Event
Veteran Rings50Champions Arena/Conquest
Season 3 War Tokens26,500Blitz War
Gear Medal Choice Box15Blitz War
Steel Gear Medals300Blitz War
Gold Mythic Tokens5,000Blitz War
Maddox/Madeline Choice Box2Blitz War
Lilith/Ulysses Choice Box13Blitz War
Military Supplies550,000Blitz War
Random Silver Token3Advent Day Gift
War Energy Refill5Advent Day Gift
Burt30Advent Day Gift
Brady30Advent Day Gift
Silver Gear Medal100Advent Day Gift
Veteran Ring3Free Daily Offer
2hr Training Supply Pack3Free Daily Offer
TWD Gold Medal3,000Faction Level Up Tournament
Mythic Gear Choice Box B6Faction Level Up Tournament
Choice Fast Silver Token6Faction Level Up Tournament
Gold Ring60Faction Level Up Tournament
Jingle Bells30Faction Level Up Tournament
Gold Mythic Tokens20,000Walker Wonderland Event
Snowballs12,500Road to Christmas Event
Gold Mythic Tokens900Leader’s Duty Bag
Random Silver3Leader’s Duty Bag
Elite Character Token3Leader’s Duty Bag
Lilith3Leader’s Duty Bag
Ulysses3Leader’s Duty Bag
Arena Ticket3Leader’s Duty Bag
Mythic Recruit Token3,000Leader’s Duty Bag
Elite Item Token2,100Leader’s Duty Bag
Select Recruit Token3,000Leader’s Duty Bag

We also understand that some players in Bradley will have lost progress made on Roadmaps and more, so we have prepared this offer for free in the Shop for all players in the Bradley Region to claim:

Random Platinum Mod10
10,000 Mod Scrap Bag50
Choice Silver10
Armory Token100,000
Engine Grease5
Mythic Gear Choice Box A10
Mythic Gear Choice Box B10
Legendary Gear Choice Box A20
Legendary Gear Choice Box B20
Epic Gear Choice Box A20
Epic Gear Choice Box B20
Ultra Rare Gear Choice Box A20
Ultra Rare Gear Choice Box B20
Elite Rare Gear Choice Box B20

In addition, we will be posting this Free Offer in the shop for ALL REGIONS:

  • 100,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
  • 75 Jingle Bells
  • 10 Winter Tokens
  • 10 Tournament Energy Refill Choice Boxes
  • 10 World Energy Refills
  • 60 Gold Rings

Due to this rollback, Bradley Region players will be receiving the last 3 days of Login Calendar Rewards for each Login Calendar. Any player who made a purchase during this period will receive the contents of those offers in their inventory after the rollback is complete. Players can expect to see these free compensation offers and inbox deliveries within 48 hours. 

We understand any frustration that this may cause and we appreciate your continued support. Please know that we aren’t making this decision lightly, but we feel that it’s the best decision to ensure that future matches are fair for players across all regions.