Hello Survivors! 

Our latest update is now available to download! Below are the details of the update including feature changes, bug fixes, and more! 

Mythic War Update

An all-new War Defense Team is being added in this update! Players will find a new shield in the “Team” menu where you can assign fighters to your war defense teams. Teams assigned to this new war defense shield will be how you will assign your mythic fighters to your war defense. Players will no longer depend on the “Main” defense team, used on raids, to be the war defense. Additionally, this update will require you to assign mythic fighters exclusively to stronghold defense and attack teams in war events! Including this Friday’s Season 3 War of Champions cross region war qualifier! 

Bug Fixes

The new update will also include a series of bug fixes which includes (but isn’t limited to) the following:


  • Fixed an issue where a crash prompts when tapping on the red exclamation mark non-mythic fighter characters when setting up a stronghold/camp
  • Fixed an issue where attacking an opponent or Stronghold in War allows the use of non-mythic characters
  • Fixed an issue where the game can be in a state where it instantly crashes when selecting to go to the Challenge Runs screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Gold Mythic Fighter Choice Box does not get credited in inventory after linking the account using Scopely ID
  • Fixed an issue where the game does not sign in using Scopely ID
  • Fixed an issue where log in error occurs when trying to link the game using a Facebook account through the Facebook App

Combat Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Mythic Harlan’s Passive may activate multiple times off the same event
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Remove Negative Status instances could target the same negative status
  • Fixed an issue where Bleed and Maim don’t round consistently