Hello Survivors,

The 32.0 update is now live! Log in today to check out the all-new login calendars and the Halloween town update! You can find more information about what’s happening with the calendars in this Login Calendar Launch Events post!

32.0 Patch Notes

Along with the addition of the new login calendar and festive town theme, a few other changes and bug fixes were implemented. Check them out below: 

General Changes and Bug Fixes

  • The drop tables to some Scavenger Missions have been adjusted
  • Crashes occurring in Conquest 6 have been addressed
  • Stats displayed in the dossier of characters viewed from the Duel Info screen of an opposing faction member
  • Stats displayed in the dossier of a Faction Supporter were not consistent with the actual stats

Combat Bug Fixes

  • The Execute and Beheading Specialist Skills now works correctly vs Payback characters who have less than 20% hp
  • Leadership skills that apply a limited time attack down penalty to an enemy were incorrectly applying after passives based on attacks are calculated 
  • Diamond Passive “Never Trust the Dead” could not stun an enemy who dies from reflect damage on Diamond
  • Sam and Tom Adrenaline Rush did not impair properly against guardian shield 
  • Role Stat Boost on the Specific Squad Arena was not being applied to the Fighters that satisfies the Role requirement.