Hello Survivors!

We wanted to once again take an opportunity to say congratulations to all our factions who qualified for War of Champions! We have been listening to your feedback and we are happy to announce we will be sending Season 3 WoC Participation Avatars to all players who were in the War of Champions region for the event! 

We will be sending these, along with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Placement Avatars by the end of next week. While our intention was for War Veteran Romanov to serve as this participation avatar, we understand this did not meet player expectations, and thank you for your patience while we make this adjustment. We wanted to share that we will also be including the Participation Avatars moving forward into War Season 4.

War of Champions Top 3 

1st place: WALKERS!

2nd place: -IMMORTALS-

3rd place: A NEW BEGINNING


We wanted to share the most used fighters during War of Champions to help everyone see what players at the pinnacle of competition are using to be successful! Players may have these fighters on the bench or not leveled up at the moment, but with this information, maybe the next War will come with a few more wins.

Most used fighters on Attack

  • Gold Mythic Lydia
  • Gold Mythic Mike
  • Gold Mythic The Trader
  • Gold Mythic Titan
  • Gold Mythic Vance

Most used fighters on Defense 

  • Gold Mythic Skeleton Steve
  • Gold Mythic Mike
  • Gold Mythic Mr. Liu
  • Gold Mythic William
  • Gold Mythic Vance

Once again, congratulations to all that qualified and we look forward to an exciting War Season 4 coming in March! Stay tuned to our official blog via our TWDRTS.com Web Portal for more details coming soon!