Hello Survivors. 

We wanted to share some changes coming to the Bit Shop, in regards to how often it resets, the redemptions within, and the recent change of 6-Star fighters from Premier Mythic Recruits being swapped for Rare Bits. We’ll be implementing a few adjustments to address these points while keeping in mind that with some changes, other factors must be taken into consideration. 

Bit Shop Reset Time

We have noted that 90 days for the Bit Shop to reset is too long to wait. We understand the Gold Mythic Token redemptions are a great way for players to acquire Gold Mythic Fighters they may not have, and when we implemented this late last year, it was the first iteration. We have now gathered enough player activity data that has helped us see how the Bit Shop should evolve in the future. While we can shorten the duration, the learnings from the previous iterations helped us to realize we have to limit the redemptions accordingly, in order to maintain the in-game economy for the long-term health of the game. With that in mind we will be refreshing the Bit Shop redemptions every 30 days, but making changes to the redemptions available in both stock & cost. The full Bit Shop contents can be found below. The current Bit Shop will have its timer reduced to end on April 14th, 2022, and reset at 5 pm PDT. 

Rare Bits

Recent changes to Premier Mythic Recruits swapped 6-Star fighters with Rare Bits, in theory saving a step for players who may want to sell these fighters for Rare Bits. While some of these fighters can still come from Training Grounds to be used in museum collections or to level up, we understand feedback on this subject has been mixed. We believe that we can make a few changes that may help make Rare Bits more valuable. We have made some adjustments by lowering the redemption cost for a Choice or Random Silver Mythic. 

Additions & Adjustments

With these changes we are also taking the opportunity to adjust portions of the Bit Shop for both Gilded Bits and Rare Bits. A Bit Shop chance bag will be added with a chance at 8,200 Coins. Players can also find Blowtorches added for Rare Bits and the cost for Choice and Random Silver Mythics lowered. We will also be adjusting the redemptions for Gold Mythic Tokens and TWD Gold Medals to fall in line with the new Bit Shop refresh rate and the ongoing in-game economy. The entire contents of the new Bit Shop can be found below.

Free Gift

We understand these changes may come as a surprise to players and some of the changes may be seen as positive and others may not. To say thank you for your patience with this adjustment and to compensate, please claim a free gift of a Gold Mythic Fighter Choice Token from the Offers section of the Shop within 24 hours with a choice of the following:

  • Gold Mythic Ghost
  • Gold Mythic Nimrod
  • Gold Mythic Trader
  • Gold Mythic Rudolph Shiva
  • Gold Mythic Raulito
  • Gold Mythic Sam & Tom
  • Gold Mythic Vance
  • Gold Mythic Marcus
  • Gold Mythic Mr. Liu
  • Gold Mythic Davie
  • Uncle Sam’s Patriotic Machine Gun
  • Sophia’s Louisville Slugger

New Bit Shop

Reward5,000 TWD Gold Medals
Cost1 Gilded Bit
Reward5,000 Gold Mythic Tokens
Cost1 Gilded Bit
Reward1,500 Gold Mythic Tokens
Cost2 Gilded Bits
RewardBit Shop Chance Bag
Cost20 Gilded Bits
RewardChoice Silver Mythic Token
Cost20 Rare Bits
RewardRandom Silver Mythic Token
Cost10 Rare Bits
Cost2 Rare Bits
Cost5 Rare Bits
RewardWorld Energy Refill
Cost1 Rare Bit
Reward2,000 Supply Markers
Cost1 Rare Bit

Bit Shop Chance Bag Contents

RewardAppearance Rate
8,200 Coins1.00%
100,000 Gold Mythic Tokens25.00%
10 Bernadette34.00%
150,000 Mythic Tokens40.00%