Hello survivors! We have seen a number of questions regarding the second half of War Season 4. Details can be found below regarding region transfer cooldowns, transfer lock, the CRW qualification schedule, War of Champions, and more! By now, you may have heard of the changes coming with the War Reforged update that is going into Public Beta this week. This update will help improve the competitive integrity of War, and also have players using more of their mythic roster than ever before! Below we will break down how the changes will affect the rest of the War Season 4 competition!

Multiple War Defense Teams

With the War Reforged update, the 2nd half of the War Season will require players to assign 3 War Defense Teams composed of different fighters for the CRW Qualifiers on the schedule. War of Champions weekend will require 4 War Defense Teams for all war events, including those war events outside of the War of Champions region. Don’t forget you’ll probably want another team to put into the Strongholds! In order to help prepare, we’re planning some Blitz War events before the next CRW Qualifier so all players can see the new update before we jump back into the War of Champions competition. 

Region Transfer Cooldown and Lock

We will be resetting all player’s region transfer cooldowns on May 31st, 2022. With the 4th CRW Qualifier, we will be closing all regions and locking region transfer. Players will have until the start of the 4th Season 4 CRW Qualifier to get into the region they wish to spend the 2nd half of the War Season. The 4th CRW Qualifier is tentatively scheduled for June 3rdth, 2022, beginning at 5 pm PDT. Once the CRW begins, region transfers will lock.

Tentative 2nd Half Season 4 War Schedule

Please note: Schedule is subject to change. 

  • Blitz War – 5/20/22 5pm PDT – 5/21/22 5pm PDT
  • Blitz War – 5/27/22 5pm PDT – 5/28/22 5pm PDT
  • CRW Qualifier 4 – 6/3/22 5pm PDT – 6/5/22 5pm PDT
  • CRW Qualifier 5 – 6/10/22 5pm PDT – 6/12/22 5pm PDT
  • CRW Qualifier 6 -6/24/22 5pm PDT – 6/26/22 5pm PDT
  • War of Champions – 7/8/22 5pm PDT – 7/10/22 5pm PDT