Event Times

Start Time: 5/9/2022 4pm PDT

End Time: 5/16/2022 4pm PDT

The Molly’s Stockpile Event can be found in the events tab of our TWDRTS.com web portal. Players who log in and make a purchase via the web portal will receive 5 points toward the Molly’s Stockpile Event for each $1 USD spent and could be rewarded with Season One Tokens! 

Please note that Molly’s Stockpile Event rewards will be available to claim for 24 hours after the event is complete, but progress on the event will end at 5pm PDT on 5/16/22.

Molly’s Stockpile Event Milestones

Points RequiredReward
2510 Season One Tokens
5010 Season One Tokens
10015 Season One Tokens
15015 Season One Tokens
25020 Season One Tokens
37530 Season One Tokens
50050 Season One Tokens