Hello Survivors! Players can now download our latest update,  35.1, from their app stores! This update features the all-new Progression Missions system and Gold Mythic Maggie Greene!

Progression Missions

The new Progression Missions will serve to replace and update “Side Missions,” which offered outdated rewards and older characters from the past. Progression Missions offer 252 new missions arranged across 25 chapters! These updated missions will be available for ALL PLAYERS and will reward useful consumable resources, Gold Mythic Tokens, and Gold Mythic fighters, including Maggie Greene!

Click here to see Gold Mythic Maggie Greene’s Mythic Fighter Spotlight!

New and Reactivated Player Roadmaps

The blue section of the Roadmap is being converted to help new players and returning players get back up to speed in RTS. This section will feature roadmaps that will help reward those players and bring them closer to endgame competition. 

Combat Changes

We’ve created a new status effect, “Damage Over Time Reduction”. This will replace the existing permanent “Bleed Burn Damage Reduction” effects on mythic fighters. Mythic Fighter’s with the previous version of this ability (Tara, Elodie, Skins, Davie, and William) will now have a “rest of combat” Damage Over Time Reduction buff instead of the permanent version of the effect. This new Damage Over Time Reduction status effect is dispellable, stealable, etc.

Bleed and Burn reduction was previously a permanent effect that could not be removed or manipulated even after the death of the character providing said effect. This made the ability overpowered and very challenging for a player to counter. The change made to the ability will allow for more interesting combat and strategy for players. We hope to bring more positive changes to combat and are always looking for ways to improve the game.

Other Changes and Bug Fixes


  • Moved Ascension to unlock earlier at player level 5. It was unlocked at the player level 15 previously.


  • Fixed an issue where the wrong avatar portrait would show for opponents in wars. 
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong amount of rewards from a Challenge Run Tournament would be received.
  • Fixed an issue where certain portraits wouldn’t update or display on various Wars screens.
  • Fixed an issue where exiting out of the Edit screen of a team without making any changes would prompt the user to discard changes.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy bot teams in wars would display as having Lieutenant levels before entering combat.


  • Fixed an issue where Devastating Blow’s Heal Block would appear to stack with an existing Heal Block