Hello, Survivors!

We’re excited to debut a new way to work together with your faction that can result in you and all your teammates picking up valuable rewards! 

Introducing Faction Check-In!

Faction Check-In is a TWDRTS.com Web Portal exclusive feature, available for every player to use in conjunction with their teammates to reward themselves with Mythic Tokens daily and reward the entire faction with Advanced Mythic Tokens each week!

How it works

Once a player has linked their in-game account to one of the provided platforms, players can log-in to the TWDRTS.com Web Portal daily and look for the “Check In” button, found by clicking on the “My Faction” tab. During a 7-day period, each day a player logs in to the web portal and claims a special check-in reward; they will also earn 1 point for their faction towards weekly faction rewards! Each point earned will progress the Faction Check-In reward milestones for that week. By receiving more login points, faction members can earn all the prizes. At the end of the week, weekly rewards are sent to all members of the faction who logged in at least once. Rewards are based only on the one faction a player is in at the time of rewards being sent.

Faction Check-In will begin to roll out in two phases. First being available to four regions (Calhoun, Colleton, Hamblen, and Columbia) to ensure functionality before rolling out to all 200+ regions. In the first week, the temporary rewards given to the first four regions will be as follows:

Reward TypePoints ReqReward Given
Daily RewardN/A200 Elite Item Tokens
Bronze Rewards305 Burt Trainers
Silver Rewards805 Brady Trainers
Gold Rewards1505 Basil Trainers

After Faction Check-In passes the first week of deployment with no issues, the rewards will change when Faction Check-In is introduced to all regions and will be as follows:

Reward TypePoints ReqReward Given
Daily RewardN/A2500 Silver Mythic Tokens
Bronze Rewards30500 Advanced Mythic Tokens
Silver Rewards80750 Advanced Mythic Tokens
Gold Rewards1501000 Advanced Mythic Tokens