A new update is now live for all our players! This update includes a few improvements and fixes to common issues our players had reported experiencing, so make sure you’ve updated your game to get the best experience.

Feature Updates

  • Update to Human Shield Specialist Skill:

Originally: “While this fighter is defending, all attacks from human enemies may only target them  (Swipe right on fighter icon to defend).”

Updated to: “At the start of each wave while on the defense team, and when performing the defend action, all attacks from human enemies may only target them (Swipe right on fighter icon to defend).

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed crashes in faction assault while playing vs faction boss
  • Fixed other issues leading to a crash


  • Fixed a display issue with renown points in a level up event
  • Fixed a visual issue when purchasing items in season store
  • Fixed an issue where ads weren’t playing on iOS devices
  • Fixed a visual issue of HP bars in Survival Road


  • Fixed an issue where a multi-attack adrenaline rushes against Negan faction assault boss cause animation issues
  • Fixed an issue where resistance callouts were displayed instead of immunity when triggered during combat
  • Fixed an issue where Kyle’s Unaimed Reaction passive would heal him prematurely when he was in execution range, preventing execution from happening
  • Fixed a visual issue where Faction Assault Boss Negan remains visible when he takes Bleed damage while protected by the mine plow
  • Fixed an issue where Maim would apply on a character that has Guardian Shield instead of being blocked by the Guardian Shield