Hey Survivors, we’ve got 2 important updates to share. Let’s get straight into them. 

New Tournament around War

Brace yourselves as we gear up for a fantastic new tournament centered around wars, set to launch with a bang during the Blitz War on December 29th, 2023.

Engaging in this tournament will earn players rewards, which can be later traded in the Gray Market for Weapon choice boxes, Token Chance Bags, and more.

But here’s the real kicker—players hitting the top milestone in every war throughout the tournament snag an exclusive avatar from the Gray Market! And guess what? You can later swap it for WoC Season 7 War Tokens but we suggest you will not get another chance to get your hands on this exclusive avatar. 

This tournament will consist of 2 Blitz Wars & 2 CRWs spanning across 4 weeks. 

More detailed information about each war will be shared closer to their respective dates

Exclusive Avatar

War of Champions Season 7

Another important update we have for you is that War of Champions will now span across 5 months. 

War of Champions Season 7 is tentatively scheduled to start in the first week of February 2024 with the first Qualifier. 

We will be hosting one qualifier each month till June with the War of Champions taking place in the 3rd week of June. 

Our objective behind increasing the time of the WoC season is to reduce the intensity during the qualifiers. 

We have not finalized all details yet, but we will give you a complete picture about WoC Season 7 in the first week of January 2024.