Survivors, introducing Winter Chaos – a month long war tournament consisting of 4 wars. 2 Blitz Wars & 2 CRWs. 

Players will get rewarded with Blacksmith Callipers on reaching the milestones in Wars. Blacksmith Callipers can be traded in the Gray Market for Weapon Choice Boxes, Token Chance Bags & many more!

Players will also get rewarded with Black Hammers on reaching the highest milestone in wars. Which is 250K in Blitz Wars & 500K in CRWs. 

3 Black Hammers can be traded in the Gray Market for the exclusive Blast Away avatar. 

The Blast Away avatar can be later traded for Season 7 War Tokens, if the players want to. 

NOTE: The reward structures & strongholds info will be released prior to each war. 

Event Times: 

Start date: 12/29/23 11AM PT

End date: 1/21/24 11AM PT

Gray Market ends: 1/22/24 11AM PT

Blast Away Avatar

Tentative Wars Schedule:

Blitz War 1: 12/29/23 11AM PT – 12/30/23 11AM PT

CRW 1: 1/5/24 11AM PT – 1/7/24 11AM PT

Blitz War 2: 1/13/24 11AM PT – 1/14/24 11AM PT

CRW 2: 1/19/24 11AM PT – 1/21/24 11AM PT

Winter Chaos Gray Market

RewardBlast Away Avatar
Cost3 Black Hammers
RewardWeapons Choice Box A
Cost20,000 Blacksmith Callipers
RewardWeapons Choice Box B
Cost12,500 Blacksmith Callipers
RewardUltra Token Chance Bag
Cost2,000 Blacksmith Callipers
RewardAdvance Token Chance Bag
Cost1,000 Blacksmith Callipers
RewardGold Mythic Token Chance Bag
Cost300 Blacksmith Callipers
RewardWeapon Parts Choice Box A
Cost100 Blacksmith Callipers A
RewardWeapon Parts Choice Box B
Cost100 Blacksmith Callipers
RewardSilver Choice Token
Cost200 Blacksmith Callipers
RewardVeteran’s Ring
Cost150 Blacksmith Callipers

Choice Box Contents

Weapons Choice Box A:

  • Boneyard Assault Rifle
  • Rick Grimes’ Rick’s Hatchet

Weapons Choice Box B:

  • Amber’s Six Shooter
  • War Veteran Ezekiel’s Katana