Hey survivors, buckle up! We know you’ve been hanging on for the lowdown on those WoC Season 6 winner coins. Apologies for keeping you on the edge, but here’s the exciting news:  In the next two weeks, the top 3 factions will get a form asking for their deets.

But wait, there’s more excitement coming your way! Alongside those shiny coins, we’re throwing in an exclusive WoC Season 6 fighter Shiva T-Shirt for the top 3 factions.

WoC Season 6 Exclusive T-Shirt Showcase

War Season 7 Update

Brace yourselves because War Season 7 is zooming in, and the first qualifier is set for 2/2/24.

Just a heads-up, cooldowns got reset on 1/22/24. You’ve got a bit of time to make your moves before the first qualifier showdown.

And here’s the thrilling part: we’re cooking up some seriously cool swag for the top 3 factions + top players in War Season 7. We are exploring a lot of ideas & we will surely give you an update once we finalize the goodies!