Survivors,We’re thrilled to introduce two exciting new features: Stellar Roadmaps and Captain Levels. So let’s dive right into the details. 

Stellar Roadmaps:

Stellar roadmaps enhance your PvE journey in RTS by introducing a fresh approach. Rather than solely rewarding completion of stages or acts, you’ll now earn incremental rewards based on the speed of your progress through the roadmaps. Additionally, these roadmaps will introduce the new concept of “Field Effects,” which dynamically enhance combat by applying various effects to the enemy teams.

To understand the Field Effects affecting a specific stage, simply click the “Info” button on the battle screen for detailed info.

Completion of Stellar Roadmaps will reward you with Captain trainers, Heavy gloves and some other gears. All these will be required for the new Captain Levels. 

There are two Stellar Roadmaps, one for Telltale allegiance & the other for Whisperers allegiance.These roadmaps will be active from Sunday 5PM PT to Friday 5PM PT for both allegiances. However, during the inaugural week, they’ll launch from Tuesday, May 21st (5PM PT) until Friday, May 24th (5 PM PT). The roadmaps will reset every week after the initial launch. Please note that roadmap reset day is subject to change.

To participate in the Stellar Roadmaps you will need to have Gold Mythic Fighters of the Whisperers & Telltale allegiances + Stellar energy. You can get your hands on Whisperers & Telltale Gold Mythic Fighters from the ongoing Stellar Spectacle Stash

Players will be able to get the Stellar Energy from the login calendar & the Watch Ad missions in the event missions tab. 

As a launch giveaway, players will be given 500 Stellar Energy to participate in the Stellar Roadmaps. Players will be able to claim the 500 Stellar Energy from the shop only once, it will be available only for the first 15 days.

Look out for a few limited time offers for the new gear and trainers post the launch.  

Captain Levels

Captain Levels introduces an exciting opportunity to elevate your Gold Mythic fighter’s base level beyond the current cap of 720, all without the need of acquiring additional copies of the fighter. This advancement promises a substantial enhancement in your fighter’s statistics, pushing the new base level cap to an impressive 880.

Unlocking the new levels demands the utilization of the new Captain trainer and all the new gears. 

New Gear:

Supply Bags:

Heavy Gloves:

Knee Guards:

Combat Pouches:

Here are the new level milestones:

Fighter LevelsGear Required
721- 760None
761 – 80010 Combat Pouches, 20 Heavy Gloves
801 – 84010 Knee Guards, 20 Combat Pouches, 30 Heavy Gloves
841 – 88010 Supply Bags, 20 Knee Guards, 30 Combat Pouches, 50 Heavy Gloves

You will need 100 Captain trainers to max out a fighter’s level to the new max cap of 880. Along with:

Heavy Gloves100
Combat Pouches60
Knee Guards30
Supply Bags10

Players can acquire Heavy Gloves & Captain Trainer from the Stellar Roadmaps.  

For the launch of Stellar Roadmaps, Knee Guards & Combat Pouches will be available in the Stellar Spectacle Stash. Supply Bags will be available to acquire from the upcoming Blitz War on 5/25/24. 

More info about further sourcing of Knee Guards, Combat Pouches & Supply Bags will be shared separately. 

It’s crucial to understand that the post-level increase stat boost will vary among different Mythic Fighters, influenced by factors such as mods and other unique characteristics of the fighter (no change from the current set-up).

Login Calendars

Launch Week Login Calendar

Available: 5/21/24 5PM PT – 5/26/24 5PM PT

05/21/2024100 Stellar Energy
05/22/2024100 Stellar Energy
05/23/2024100 Stellar Energy
05/24/2024100 Stellar Energy
05/25/2024100 Stellar Energy

Regular Login Calendar

This login calendar will reset every week starting 5/26/24 5PM PT

Day 1100 Stellar Energy
Day 2100 Stellar Energy
Day 3100 Stellar Energy
Day 4100 Stellar Energy
Day 5100 Stellar Energy
Day 6100 Stellar Energy
Day 7100 Stellar Energy

Ad Missions

This mission will reset daily allowing players to get 50 Stellar Energy everyday. 

Watch Ads 5 times50 Stellar Energy

Stellar Roadmap:

Telltale/Whisperer Roadmaps:


Bring Tellatale/Whisperers Gold Mythic Fighters to this roadmap to complete the stages in order to complete the acts. 


Act 1

  • Completing the Act 1 with minimum 5 stars will reward you with Bronze Heavy Gloves Bag
  • Completing Act 1 with 10 – 14 stars will reward you with with Silver Heavy Gloves Bag
  • Completing Act 1 with 15 stars will reward you with Gold Heavy Gloves Bag

Act 2:

  • Completing the Act 2 with minimum 5 stars will reward you with Silver Heavy Gloves Bag
  • Completing Act 2 with 10 – 14 stars will reward you with with Gold Heavy Gloves Bag
  • Completing Act 2 with 15 stars will reward you with Bronze Captain Bag

Act 3: 

  • Completing the Act 2 with minimum 5 stars will reward you with Bronze Captain Bag
  • Completing Act 2 with 10 – 14 stars will reward you with with Silver Captain Bag
  • Completing Act 2 with 15 stars will reward you with Gold Captain Bag

NOTE: To get Act rewards you have to clear each stage of the act at least once with 1 star. If you clear an Act with 15 stars, you will also get the rewards of 5 stars & 10 stars milestones. 


Each star you earn depends on how many turns you take to clear that particular stage. 

You will be able to get a total of 29 Captain trainers from the stages. 

Bag Contents:

Bronze Heavy Gloves Bag

  • 1 Veteran Ring
  • 500K Food
  • 2 Veteran Rings

Silver Heavy Gloves Bag

  • 2 Veteran Rings
  • 15 Steel Gear Medals
  • 2 Heavy Gloves

Gold Heavy Gloves Bag

  • 4 Veteran Rings
  • 25 Bronze Gear Medals
  • 2 Heavy Gloves

Bronze Captain Bag

  • 30 Silver Gear Medals
  • 1 “The Captain” (trainer)
  • 3 Heavy Gloves

Silver Captain Bag

  • 1 “The Captain” (trainer)
  • 20 Gold Gear Medals
  • 4 Heavy Gloves

Gold Captain Bag

  • 1 “The Captain” (trainer)
  • 20 Gold Gear Medals
  • 7 Heavy Gloves