A big man with an even larger imagination, this skilled Blacksmith calls Hilltop his home.

Originally from the UK and a blacksmith for the Saviors, he is now renowned for his inventive and forward thinking solutions, which more often than not come with their own set of unforeseen problems. He never sets off without his trusty steed, Popeye.

Gameplay Overview

  • Wayland is a fearsome blacksmith who has mastered the use of weapons on the Road To Survival.
  • Dealing 2 attacks and granting disarm resistance to your team will set you up to avoid any pesky weapon additions the enemy team may have.
  • Your passive skill allowing you to trigger weapon effects more often will set wayland apart from any other fighter in the Mythic World


Our upcoming update, Conquest, includes our largest content update in the history of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

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