Nothing in this life is sweeter than choice and in our latest event, you’ll be able to focus on exactly what you need!

During the event, a ton of new Roadmaps will be made available, each offering specific rewards such as Trainers, Energy Refills, Medals, and Armory Tokens.

You’ll have to work together with your Faction each day in order to earn a Pink Cupcake to unlock the Roadmap of your choice, so are you ready for the sweetest of choices?

Event Dates:

Start: 2/22/21 12:00 PM PT

End: 3/6/21 12:00 PM PT

Event Overview:

3 new Daily Roadmaps will be made available daily at 12:00 PM PT for you to unlock. Each Roadmap will be centered around a specific reward, which will be offered as both Stage and Act rewards, increasing in quantity as you progress.

 Here are the Roadmaps which will be made available each day throughout the event:

Week 1
Raid EnergyWorld EnergySurvival Road EnergyLilithsWar EnergyWar EnergyWar Energy
Armory TokensAscendance MedalsLegendary MedalsUlyssesWorld EnergyAscendance MedalsLegendary Medals
Week 2
LilithsRaid EnergyWorld EnergySurvival Road EnergyLiliths
UlyssesArmory TokensAscendance MedalsLegendary MedalsUlysses

To unlock a Roadmap, you will need 1 Pink Cupcake, and World Energy for each stage. 

You’ll be able to earn 1 Pink Cupcake each day by completing the Daily Faction Mission Event, so choose your Roadmap wisely!

Main Faction Mission Event1x Pink Cupcake
Use 500 World Energy as a faction.500x 5-Star Recruits Tokens
Raid 100 times as a faction.400x 4-Star Weapon Tokens
Use 15 Arena Tickets as a faction.10x Basic Tokens
Complete Survival Road stages 100 times as a faction.400x Elite Items Tokens
Use 5,000,000 Food as a faction.1x Elite Character Token
Level up any fighters 100 times as a faction.1,000x Gear Markers

If you can’t make up your mind and want to access more Roadmaps, each day you’ll be able to find 2 extra Pink Cupcakes in the store.

Roadmap Details

Here’s a detailed list of all the Roadmaps and rewards, so grab a mug of your favorite brew and get comfy, it’s a long list!

Trainer Roadmaps

Burt RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Burt50
Stage 1S7210Burt10
Stage 2S8212Burt20
Stage 3S9215Burt40
Brady RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Brady25
Stage 1S7210Brady5
Stage 2S8212Brady10
Stage 3S9215Brady20
Basil RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Basil13
Stage 1S7210Basil2
Stage 2S8212Basil5
Stage 3S9215Basil10
Benedict RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Benedict6
Stage 1S7210Benedict1
Stage 2S8212Benedict3
Stage 3S9215Benedict5
Ulysses RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Ulysses4
Stage 1S7210Ulysses1
Stage 2S8212Ulysses2
Stage 3S9215Ulysses3
Lilith RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Lilith4
Stage 1S7210Lilith1
Stage 2S8212Lilith2
Stage 3S9215Lilith3

Energy Refill Roadmaps

World Energy RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1World Energy4
Stage 1S7210World Energy1
Stage 2S8212World Energy2
Stage 3S9215World Energy3
Raid Energy RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Raid Energy4
Stage 1S7210Raid Energy1
Stage 2S8212Raid Energy2
Stage 3S9215Raid Energy3
Survival Road Energy RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Survival Road Energy4
Stage 1S7210Survival Road Energy1
Stage 2S8212Survival Road Energy2
Stage 3S9215Survival Road Energy3
War Energy RoadmapDifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1War Energy4
Stage 1S7210War Energy1
Stage 2S8212War Energy2
Stage 3S9215War Energy3

Other Roadmaps

Roadmap 9DifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Ascendance Medals100,000
Stage 1S7210Ascendance Medals25,000
Stage 2S8212Ascendance Medals50,000
Stage 3S9215Ascendance Medals75,000
Roadmap 10DifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Legendary Medals100
Stage 1S7210Legendary Medals25
Stage 2S8212Legendary Medals50
Stage 3S9215Legendary Medals75
Roadmap 11DifficultyWavesEnergyRewardReward Qty
Act 1Armory Tokens20,000
Stage 1S7210Armory Tokens5,000
Stage 2S8212Armory Tokens10,000
Stage 3S9215Armory Tokens15,000