Over the weekend, Road to Survival experienced two issues that you or members of your faction may have been impacted by.

The two issues that some players encountered were the following:

  1. 23.0.0 Update Lock Out: Our initial update caused a few players (especially on iOS) to be locked out of the game after updating. We understand that this was not only an issue for those locked out, but also for their faction teammates, as it was a War weekend. As of today, this issue should be resolved with the latest version update, 23.0.5.
  2. Erroneous Hell Token Offer: An erroneous offer went live that contained 8,000 Hell Token Collectibles when it was intended to contain 8,000 Hell Tokens (for use in the wheel). Some players were able to purchase this offer and subsequently, pull more times than intended on the Hell Wheel. 

Each day we strive to offer an enjoyable experience for all players, so we take these disruptions very seriously. Due to the issues above, we will be providing all players with the following:

  • 25 Gold Bricks
  • 300 Torches
  • The following Choice Boxes:
Choice Box ContentsQuantity of Choice BoxesQuantity of Contents
S-Class Collectible Cards:
Pete Anderson Cards
Laopo Cards
Hengyen Cards
Secretary Guo Cards
Daiyu Cards
Mercer Cards
Priya Cards
Raulito Cards
Aarav Cards
Wangfa Cards
Princess Cards
650 Cards
5 Star Ascendable Box:
Doctor Stevens
11 Character
Energy Box:
World Energy Refill
Raid Energy Refill
War Energy Refill
Survival Road Energy Refill
Territory Energy Refill
101 Refill
Gear Box:
21 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Double Holster
Hockey Mask
Magazine Bandolier
51 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Hand Crank Radio
Military Watch
51 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Weapon Tripod
Sports Gauntlet
Practice Dummy
Knife Sheath
101 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Army Walkie Talkie
School Bag
101 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Night Vision Goggles
Police Shield
Belt with Holster
Long Coat
301 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Wool Beanie
Flak Jacket
101 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Weathered Journal
Topographic Map
Gas Mask
Camp Stove
Waist Toolpack
301 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Hiking Boots
Ammo Belt
Leather Glove
301 Piece of Gear
Gear Box:
Safety Helmet
Down Vest
Bloody Jacket
Waist Pack
301 Piece of Gear

We also realize that some Survivors Club members were locked out of the game and unable to claim their Survivors Club rewards. That said, in addition to the above, all Survivors Club members will receive an additional free offer containing the following:

  • 10 Comic Books
  • 20 Gold Bricks

Expect to receive a free offer in the Shop containing these items within the next 24 hours.

In addition to this, we will be providing any player who purchased the erroneous Hell Token Offer with the correct 8,000 Hell Tokens, via another free offer.

We once again wish to apologize for any inconvenience these issues have caused you and thank you for your patience throughout.